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She hasn't really been fired. It's just a storyline.

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Q: Will Kelly Kelly Join back on smackdown?
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Does SmackDown vs Raw 2010 have Kelly Kelly on it?

Yes, Kelly Kelly is in SmackDown vs Raw 2010.

Did kelly kelly get fired from WWE smackdown?


Is Kelly Kelly on SmackDown vs Raw 2008?

Yes, she is.

Did kelly kelly fight in WWE?

Yes in ECW,Raw,and Smackdown

What are Kelly Kelly's favorite food?

Kelly Kelly the Diva on Smackdown's rosters favorite food is Pizza or Noodles.

Who should challenge naomi for the WWE smackdown women's championship aj lee or kelly kelly?

Kelly kelly

Is kelly kelly really fired from smackdown?

I thinks she is! she should go to Tna

Who got drafted at the WWE 2010 draft?

Kelly Kelly to smackdown Chris Jerico to raw Kofi Kingston to smackdown EDGE to raw Big Show to smackdown John Morrison to raw

Who is the girl in smackdown vs raw 2009 commercial?

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly.

Who is the best WWE Smackdown or Raw female fighter?

kelly kelly cause she is hot

Why did kelly kelly get fired on WWE smackdown?

no she didnt get fired its a storyline thing she'll probably be back next week, its just like what happened with John Cena he came back like 2 hours later.

Is kelly kelly coming back to WWE?

probably because vickie can't fire her only teddy long can. vickie just said she was when teddy was abused by the smackdown lockeroom. so kelly isn't fired . so when teddy comes back he's probably going to rehire her

When did kelly kelly join the WWE?

in 2006 when she was just 19

Will kelly kelly be return to smackdown?

yes because teddy long might rehire her because we all know how he is

Is the rock back on smackdown?

Now he is back!

Did kelly kelly go to college?

No Kelly Kelly skipped college so she could join WWE and make a career out of that! :)

Matt hardy on smackdown?

Yes, when Matt comes back from his injury he will be on Smackdown

Will smackdown be back on the air?


What BIG things are going to happen in the future of Smackdown?

On Jr's blog he says that on December 31st 2010 they will bring back their bikini contest and they will have a match bewtween Kelly Kelly vs Kaitlyn in a Bikini Gulf Of Mexico catfight.

Is Jeff hardy coming back to smackdown?

No he is not coming back to Smackdown, he is under contract with TNA for the next two years.

Is JeffHardy coming to Raw or smackdown?

Jeff Hardy will come back in Smackdown at summer!!!!!!!

What show did john cena join in 2002?

john cena debut on smackdown

Is undertaker coming back to smackdown?

wwe's undertaker comes back to smackdown every year a few weeks before wrestlemania

How will WWE kelly kelly write back to you?

kelly kelly has a twitter real kelly kelly. is u have a twitter you can go on twitter and write it to her if she gets it she will write you back.

What divas are Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

The divas on smackdown vs raw 2010, some will be Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix, Torrie Wilson, Melina, Stacy Keibler, Michelle McCool, Stephanie McMahon, Maryse, and many more!