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I thinks she is! she should go to Tna

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Q: Is kelly kelly really fired from smackdown?
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Did kelly kelly get fired from WWE smackdown?


Will Kelly Kelly Join back on smackdown?

She hasn't really been fired. It's just a storyline.

Is Kelly Kelly really fired?

No, Kelly Kelly is kayfabe fired. She is not really fired.

Is Kelly Kelly realy fired?

No, Kelly Kelly is not really fired.

Is kelly kelly on raw or smackdown?

Neither, because she got fired recently. No she did not get fired!!! She asked for her release big difference, she has other intrests than wrestling.

Why was kelly kelly fired?

Because she speared Layla and helped Edge keep his title belt. So Vicky fired her, but she's not really fired. It's a kayfabe fire, like John Cena. Vicky made a match next Smackdown with Dolph Ziggler W/ Vicky as the special ref. vs Edge.

Does SmackDown vs Raw 2010 have Kelly Kelly on it?

Yes, Kelly Kelly is in SmackDown vs Raw 2010.

Why did kelly kelly get fired on WWE smackdown?

no she didnt get fired its a storyline thing she'll probably be back next week, its just like what happened with John Cena he came back like 2 hours later.

Is WWE teddy long really fired from smackdown?

No. His team lost in wrestlemania so he is no longer the general manager of smackdown. But, he is still with the wwe

Did Kelly Kelly get fired?

Yes, on Smackdown there was a match - Dolph Ziggler and Laycool v.s Edge and Kelly Kelly for the World Heavy Weight championship. Vickie Guerrero had banned the spear (from Edge) The two in the ring were Layla and Kelly Kelly. Kelly Kelly used the spear on Layla and Edge and Kelly Kelly were victorious! Afterwards, Vickie Guerrero fired Kelly Kelly even though she was completely allowed to use the spear.

Is kelly kelly fired?

no. Vickie fired her and Theodore Long rehired her. P.S. Teddy fired vickie

Is Kelly Kelly rehired in the WWE?

She was never fired. She was kayfab (fake) fired.

Did edge get fired tonight on smackdown?


Is Kelly Kelly on SmackDown vs Raw 2008?

Yes, she is.

Is kelly kelly really fired from WWE?

Well Yes .But When Mr. Mcmahon awakes from his coma because the boss may dumb vicky and kelly kelly would be back

Has Kelly Kelly been fired from the WWE?

No, she has not. Her being fired by Vicki Guerrero was kayfabe (fake).

Did kelly kelly fight in WWE?

Yes in ECW,Raw,and Smackdown

Who fired Kurt angle?

Kurt angle got fired by Mr. McMahon on smackdown.

Was Greg Kelly fired?


Why did kelly kelly stop WWE?

she didn't really stop Vickie fired her and left her crying really she wouldn't stop wwe is the best im sure she will come back

What are Kelly Kelly's favorite food?

Kelly Kelly the Diva on Smackdown's rosters favorite food is Pizza or Noodles.

Who should challenge naomi for the WWE smackdown women's championship aj lee or kelly kelly?

Kelly kelly

Is kelly kelly rehired at WWE?

She was never fired it was storyline

Who got drafted at the WWE 2010 draft?

Kelly Kelly to smackdown Chris Jerico to raw Kofi Kingston to smackdown EDGE to raw Big Show to smackdown John Morrison to raw

Did Melina and batista really do it on smackdown?

actually Batista had a wife but they broke up and Batista once dated Melina for a short term relationship and he also dated Kelly Kelly