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yes he is

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โˆ™ 2010-05-18 10:19:22
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Q: Will Cristiano ronaldo come back to Manchester united?
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Is cristiono ronaldo moviung back to Manchester united?

NO, Cristiano Ronaldo is not moving back to Manchester United, because cristiano ronaldo is playing very well for real madrid

Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving back to Manchester United?

No! He isn't going back to United

Is Cristiano ronaldo going back to Manchester united?

yes christiano ronaldo is going to go back to Manchester united in 2011 maybe or not (answers by mchoud) THANK YOU

Is Manchester United player wants Cristiano ronaldo to come back?

Ronaldo has said he wants to come back and finish at man united.

Does Cristiano Ronaldo Want ToCome Back To Manchester United?

Yes there is a very good chance of him comming back to Manchester United, as both he and Sir alex Ferguson have both hinted strongly that it was a matter of time , as it looks like he is not happy there.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo Come Back To Macnhester United?

Probably not.

Does Ronaldo miss Manchester United?

yes he does because he always wants to come back Manchester united so he does wanna come back and missed his team

Is Cristiano coming back to Manchester United in 2013?

Rumors say in 2014-15 season

When is ronaldo coming back to man you?

cristiano ronaldo is coming back to man utd this summer

How do you get through to Cristiano Ronaldo?

go to Manchester, in England =) Or if you want to write him a letter go to and find the address of the ground but put 'Cristiano ronaldo' on the front and he will get the letter. He sets a few days a month to actually write back to his fans. ERM EXCUSE ME MR."GO TO MANCHESTER" I live in Manchester and I never see him....nor do the people I know. Anyway he lives in a really really posh part of Manchester, like borderline Manchester you cant get thru to people like ronaldo, whether you live in Manchester or not. I shud know. x =]

Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving back to manunited?

No he is not

When is Cristiano Ronaldo back from injury?


How many premiership players have their first names on the back of their shirts?

Cristiano Ronaldo has one of his "middle" names on the back of his shirt, his actual name is: Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro

Why does Cristiano Ronaldo wear number 7?

Because he wore the same shirt number when playing for Manchester United. He switched to no. 9 when he first joined Real Madrid, as the legendary Raúl was already wearing the no. 7 shirt. When Raúl left for Schalke 04, Ronaldo took over Raúl's no. 7, thereby going back to his usual number.

When is Cristiano Ronaldo playing again?

I Think hes back in December

Who is more famous Cristiano Ronaldo or Beyonce?

Chistiano in the streets but beyonce in the back country

Why did ronaldo go to real Madrid?

The main reasons for his move are , that the owners of Manchester United the Glazer family took loans to buy the shares of Manchester United, . And as he has to pay the money back , the one way to make money was to sell players, and he got 80 million pounds for Ronaldo.And Ronaldo was not happy in the final of the champion league verses Barcelona, and he wanted to leave.

Who is better pavel pardo or Cristiano Ronaldo?

of course it's Cristiano Ronaldo he has more awards compare to Pavel Pardo he has fancy dribbling skills and he can see the full court of his vision , he can surpass using his dribbling ability to any other defenders and he has could use his both legs to strike and hit the ball back from the net. obviously he is the heart if Manchester united . he is young and fine and he can bring his team to finals.. i don't want to be bias but you could see it and hear it from the experts.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo a forward?

Ronaldo started out as a striker at Sporting Lisbon, but was made to play as a winger in Manchester United and in the Euro 2004. He has now been shifted back to his original position, and is essentially a centre-forward now. Even when he is played on the flanks, perhaps in order to accomodate two other strikers- say Rooney, Berbatov etc.- you will see him drift inside more often and take a shot on goal rather than go down the by-line and cross- a winger's primary job.

Who is the present Manchester united centre back?

The present Manchester Uniteds center back is Rio Ferdinand and Vidic.

Did Javier Hernandez go to Manchester United?

Yes Chicharito Javier Hernandez from Chivas did go to Manchester United but he will come back on June 1 2010. Manchester United paid 9 million for him.

What is Cristianos real name?

Well... His full name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro...bit long for the back of the shirt though...

When is ronaldo coming back to man utd?

cristiano ronaldo might come back to man utd because he wants to play with rooney again also he wants to a stay at madrid forever so we dont know but keep in touch and thats it from me

Who is the captain of Manchester United 2013?

The CAPTAIN is nemanja vidić. ( N.Vidić ) Number 15 ( Right center back ) For 2013/14 Manchester United!

How old is Raphael in Manchester united?

Rafael da Silva, Manchester United's right-back; is 21 years old. (and of course so his is twin brother Fabio)