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Ronaldo has said he wants to come back and finish at man united.

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No! He isn't going back to United

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Probably not.

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Q: Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving back to Manchester United?
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Is cristiono ronaldo moviung back to Manchester united?

NO, Cristiano Ronaldo is not moving back to Manchester United, because cristiano ronaldo is playing very well for real madrid

Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving from Manchester united?

i think no because my dad tolds me that it`s cleared all

Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving back to manunited?

No he is not

Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving Chelsea?

No Ronaldo is at Real Madrid , and is not joining Chelsea.

Which club is Cristiano Ronaldo moving to?

He is currently at Real Madrid.

Is ronaldo moving from man united?

Well ronaldo was just sold for 80 million so i think soo

Is shinji kagawa really moving to Manchester United?


Who is the highest paid weekly soccer player 2009?

probably Cristiano Ronaldo #9 Real Madrid Midfield/Forward a legendary free kick taker possibly the best Eva, very speedy, strong, skilled this guy has got a deadly accurate right boot and an accurate opposite left boot this guy was the biggest trade Eva moving from Manchester United in Barclays Premier League to Real Madrid in Spanish league these teams are both highly skilled with great players past and present they are the league leaders for there leagues with are good leagues Cristiano Ronaldo is legend BEST PLAYER RIGHT NOW

Is gareth bale moving to Manchester united?

No he is the new signing for Selsey Seals.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo moving to real Madrid?

i love Cristiano so very much and im a huge fan of him, hes my hero!!! and yes he moved to real Madrid, sadly.. but i still love him and im gonna be a real Madrid fan ;D!!!

Is Rooney moving from man you?

yes wayne rooney is leaving manchester united in the season 2012 for a 50million pound deal to leave to aresnal

Cristiano Ronaldo moving to real Madrid?

hes only using man utd for their money i think it should be 10 mill plus ramos, sneijder and robininho no he is not movig to real madrid!!! staying at united!!!!!!!! y would he want to leave when we are he team that are winning all the awards and he is winning o many personal awrards!!!!!!! he cant stay at united for the rest of his career hes gonna need to move to another club sooner or later.