Why you need balance in football?

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To kick, for example you need to stand on one leg for a few nanoseconds so your other leg can kick the ball. Also, some kicks are very 'dramatic' and they need balance. If you didn't have balance you would miss the ball and fly to the floor.

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Q: Why you need balance in football?
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Why do you need good balance to play football?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 everyone on the field needs balance. you need to be able to get knocked off balance and not fall. Football is all about balance, skill, quickness, and reflexes.

Why do you need to have balance in football?

because balance is a type of balance that makes balancing a type of balance that people use.

What sport do you need balance in insept gymnactics?

football, because you need balance to kepp control of the ball

Why would a football player need balance?

Football players need balance, because when player has the ball the opponents try to take the ball away and footballer want balance. Balance is needed because they would take you down and you can slip out and keep your balance and you get a touchdown.

Do footballers need to have studs?

Yes they do it helps them keep there balance I should know I am a football player

What sports need agility balance co-ordination?

There are lots of sports which need these components but the most common are running and football.

Why do you need balance in football?

u need it becasue u could get a ball and ur runnign and a guy tries to get u down and u dont u need balance to get back and make a tochdown!

Is balance needed in football?


Why do you need balance in tennis?

because you need to be able to stand in tennis and to stand you need balance. in everything you need balance.

What is harder football or ballet?

It depends on what you are good at. If you have exceptional balance, and are a light person, football will be harder. If you are a heavier, strong, person who does not have good balance, you will find ballet is harder.

Why is agility need in football?

Agility is the ability to shift one's position in an efficient manner. This requires balance, coordination and stamina. Football is a physically engaging game that requires all these elements. There is a lot of movement, dribbling, bending and turning in football and thus the need for one to be agile. Better answer than the last one!

Do you need the balance board mat for the Wii balance board?

no, don't need it.

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