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You need power and balance, due to the majority of contesting rucks and mauls... As the game is really physical you'll obviously need power to dominate your opponent and balance to hold your own

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The definition of power is Speed X Strength OR performing strength movements quickly

Tackling someone hard (strength) and fast (speed) is more effective than just hitting them with stength.

You have to tackle them quickly so that they don't get away and to tackle you need strength.

So you need Power in Rugby!

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Rugby is a very competitive sport, the hits the rugby players get will probably snap a footballer in half, so they need the power 2 deal with the damage

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When running carrying a ball, holding on to another player or tackling balace helps maintains the players sense of direction, special awareness and mobility skills.

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Q: Why would rugby players need balance?
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It's hard to say, generally soccer players all need to be very quick, but in rugby some players do little running. Brian Habanna is probably the quickest rugby player in the world and may be quicker than Cristiano Ronaldo when running, however a 20st forward would be slower. The quickest rugby and soccer players may be similar, but the slowest soccer player would be quicker than than slowest rugby player.

Why does a rugby player need balance?

Balance is important for a Rugby player so that s/he may remain on their feet in a ruck, remain standing when tackled, and perform moves such as side steps.

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No player would wear shin pads in rugby, there is no need for them.

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Why do rugby players need fiber?

Rugby players have a tough training. rugby players need to be 'big and strong' and so a high protein diet is necessary for 'growth and repair.' If you train, you should eat protein afterwards so your muscles can repair, and in laymans terms, it gets your muscles bigger.

Why do they use boots for rugby?

Rugby boots need studs in order to offer the player grip on grass and mud, which can be slippy.

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get quick strong players with descent hands and are very creative when it comes to attacking play. also you need players capable of commiting to there tackles and who are able to counter ruck in order to win balls for the backs

Why do rugby players need strength?

The game is a full contact game. It requires players to pull, push and, jump, run and of course tackle. Physical strength is key as each player must use it compete with their opposite number