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Continuous training is very popular by cyclers or marathon runners because continuous training improves both, endurance fitness and muscular fitness. IT IMPROVES VERY WELL THE CARDIOVASCULAR FTNESS

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Michael Jordan

Paul Pogba



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Football player

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Q: Why would an athlete use continuous training?
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Why would a forcemeter be handy foran athlete training?

you can use the force meter to help improve on the skills of an athlete trainer trough training

How much energy would an athlete use on a basic training day?

2 to 4 thousand calories

Why would an athlete use flexibility training?

He/she would use flexibility training to increase the flex a muscle can give. This would protect against cramps and strains in extreme position, because the muscle and ligaments would be use to the awkward and sometimes excessive strain.

What sports uses continuous training?

It not what sports use continuous training. It's more about the person playing it and how well they want to do in it. Because people who don't care much and don't worry about being good wont really use continuous training, but someone who wants to be the best and progress in the sport will do continuous training no matter what sport it is.

Why would an athlete use an amphetamine?

To cheet.

How many KJ does an Italian athlete need per day?

23000 due to the high energy they use in competitions and training

Why would an athlete use anabolic steroids?

Because they want to......

What adjective would you use to describe a top professional athlete?


What training methods should i you use continuous fartlek interval circuit weight cross training?

Depends on what you want to achieve and what you need to improve. Most people benefit from a mixed programme.

How you use athlete in a sentence?

The career of an athlete can be very short. It takes seven letters to spell athlete correctly. Wouldn't you like to be an athlete, too?

Is the sentence Iam too old I am getting retired correct can I use the continuous form in this case?

Corrected with continuous form, it would be "I am too old; I am retiring."

What kind of professionals use computer forensics training?

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