How you use athlete in a sentence?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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The career of an athlete can be very short.

It takes seven letters to spell athlete correctly.

Wouldn't you like to be an athlete, too?

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Q: How you use athlete in a sentence?
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How do use fittest in a sentence?

The fittest athlete is the one that trains the hardest.

What sentence do you use for athlete and canine?

Geoff was a professional athlete who ran for miles each day as training.Dogs are often referred to as canine friends.

What is good sentence for the word athlete?

the athlete is awesome

Can you make a sentence using the word athlete?

I am an amazing athlete.

How you use athletes' in a sentence?

You use it to show possession, possession means that, that person(or thing) owns it. For instance, It is the cat's yarn. So therefor, you could use it in a sentence like, That is the athlete's football.

How do you use frail in a sentence?

Although he was once a strong and healthy athlete, the cancer left Joe sickly and frail.

How does the word athlete function in the sentence that the coaches consider him the best athlete in his division?

indirect object

What does profusley?

It means plentiful or copious. To use it in a sentence you could say 'The athlete had been running for hours and was sweating profusely'

How can you use culminating in a sentence?

The intense training program culminated in a successful marathon finish for the athlete.

How do you use barbells in a sentence?

A gym has many quality barbells. The athlete added more weights to the barbells. He was injured lifting the barbell.

How do you use the word stature in a sentence?

His stature as a judge made him a natural candidate for governor. He was small in stature, but became a star athlete.

Only use of been in sentence?

Been is the past tense of the verb to be: I have been to the library. The term "of been" is not a correct phrase in English. Unfortunately, many people use it instead of "have been". For example, "I could of been an athlete." is incorrect; "I could have been an athlete." is the correct term.