Why would a school cut sports programs?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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where there is more money going to other class

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Q: Why would a school cut sports programs?
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What would happen if a school district cut the sports program?

It would be a disaster.

How much money would a school save if they cut down sports?

i dont know and care.

Should school music programs be cut?

No because there are people out there that love to sing

Why are middle school sports being cut?

I think it is because of money being tight, but high school sports are still in, but not for fresman. Hope this helps.

How many middle school sport programs are cut in America?

per year, 6000

Should kids be cut from middle school sports?

no because i diident and im good

Which two months would you cut from the school calendar?

I would probably cut both may and January. I would cut January just so I could have a break during the middle of the school year, and may because you can just get out of school earlier.

What sports do you get a cut in?

All physical sports.

To half the growth of government spending Nixon tried to what?

cut social programs.

What does 'being cut' in sports mean?

When an athlete is 'being cut' in sports, it means the team that they're currently playing for is releasing them.

How did you choose which programs funding to cut?

Start a new business, and don't cut what we can build

Why remove physical education from school if our youth is overweight?

It's a sad reality that it all comes down to money and funding. Schools cut PE programs to save money.