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cuz they r totally awersum!! rite darr

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Q: Why were the Greeks able to hold the Olympic Games even through war?
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When were women able to participate in the Olympic games?

girls were allowed in the olympic games in Paris in 1900

Which olympic games were first globally telivised?

The first Olympic games that was able to reach a global audience via satellite was the Tokyo games in 1964.

How do you get to Lakitu on Mario and Sonic at the Olympic winter games?

You MIGHT be able to get him by a hack.

In what year were women first to compete?

Women were able to compete in the 1900 Olympic Games.

Which year were woman able to compete in soccer at the summer olympic games?

Women's football debuted at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.

What would be some possible consequences should the commonwealth games become more popular than the Olympic games?

it would never happen . i have the same question i have to anser and i put stuff like : the olympic games might not be able to sell as meny tickets and stuf like that :)

Is Guam able to participate as a country in the Olympics?

Yes. Guam has sent a team of athletes to each Summer Olympic Games since 1988.

What was Zeus able to teach the Greeks?

he taght maths

Why were women not able to compete in the Olympic games?

Originally, it was considered a sport just for men. Women were shut out of many parts of daily life in the past.

When were women able to compete in the olympic games?

Women were first allowed to compete in the 1900 Olympics in Paris. There were 19 women out of a total of 1,225 athletes.

When will London Olympics take place?

The London Olympic Games will be held in October (I think) later this year. You shoudl be able to watch them on T.V or I'm sure you will be able to go to a pub or something to watch them.

How were women discriminated against during the Ancient Olympic Games?

women were discriminated by not being able to watch or participate. But the only event the women were able to participate was in the chariot races, only if they owned the horses.

Can you play PS3 games through a PC?

no. PCs only play PC games. Now if you mean on a PC monitor, you mite be able to do that.

The Greeks able to defeat Persians on the plain of marathon?

The Athenians, yes.

Why did the Romans conquer Greece?

to have a bigger empire & to be able to overule the greeks.

How was Philip able to defeat the Greeks?

By superior force, strategy and tactics.

Can you buy halo on xbox live?

Yes, if you browse through Games on Demand, you will be able to find halo.

How are Olympic games not a waste of money?

It is not a waste of money because countries are able to showcase their athletes Also, it gives a country something to be proud of, and it is a huge thing for athletes.

What are Tom Daley's apirations for London 2012 Olympic Games?

Tom wishes to be able to achieve a medal but knows he is up against the Chinese who are also brilliant at Diving.

Why were the Greeks able to defeat the Persians even though they were outnumbered?

A superior navy made the Greeks able to sink much of the Persian fleet. The Athenians and the Spartans joined forced to defeat the Persians.

Why were the roman s able to construct buliding larger than those of the greeks?

The Romans were able to construct buildings larger than the Greeks because they used concrete and had new architectural forms.

Why were the Greeks able to hold the Persian Empire off?

theyre able because they had a bigger army and more supplies

How was Philip 2 able to defeat the greeks?

philip II was able to defeat greek because he was strong leader

Do you have to be professional to enter Olympic figure skating?

no, you just have to be able to skate

What were the mascots at the 1924 summer Olympic games?

dee bob, jon kong, long wong, coen stephenson, job bob, hot not, stop rod, gull able