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Originally, a player needed only to be notified that he was cautioned or sent off in order for that sanction to be applied. In the era of international play, language barriers sometimes prevented this notification from being properly administered. Referee Ken Aston introduced the concept of showing yellow and red cards to indicate cautions and sendings-off, respectively, in 1966 in order to traverse language barriers.

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Q: Why was red yellow cards introduced in football?
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Who made red and yellow cards?

They are a part of rules of football.

What did football referees get what they hadn't had before in 1970?

yellow and red cards

What is the shape of the red and yellow cards in football?

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Were red cards once round?

No. Red and yellow cards have always been roughly the same size and shape since they were introduced by legendary referee Ken Aston in 1966.

What year was the red yellow card introduced in football?

In soccer, a red card may be issued for things such as extremely hard fouls, violent or offensive conduct, a flagrant handling offense to prevent a goal, and other similar offenses. It should also be noted, however, that two yellow cards in one game leads to a red card as well.

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