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Q: Is there red and yellow cards in the AFL?
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How many red and yellow cards were issued during the 2010 world cup?

260 yellow cards 17 red cards.

How many yellow and red cards has steven Gerard got?

This season he has got no red cards or yellow cards so far!

How many red cards has Marco materazzi gotten in his career international and club?

Actually before becoming a professional footballer he had received 21 yellow cards and 15 red cards, then after signing on as a pro-footballer to this date he has received 28 red cards and 58 yellow cards.

Did Leo Messi ever get a red or yellow card in soccer?

Of course he has received 1 or more yellow and red cards. Yes

How many yellow cards are there in uno?

The deck has 108 cards with 25 of each color (red, green, blue, and yellow).

What is as annoying As a red card?

2 yellow cards

Can you get red and yellow cards in netball?

No. You can get sent off which is equivalent to a red card, and you get warnings. But no you can't get a yellow or red card in Netball.

Which country has most cards in world cup so far?

Ghana and Netherlands both have 12 yellow cards, the most for any single team. If your counting red cards, then Chile matches the 12 mark (11 yellow, 1 red). Uruguay has the highest with a total of 13 cards (11 yellow, 2 red).

Did England player Michael Owen get yellow cards and red cards?

Michael Owen has received 2 yellow cards in his professional career, he has never received a red card. His two yellow cards were both during international matches, he has never been booked in any domestic games.

How many red cards can a footballer receive in a game?

two yellow cards = one red card one red card = out of game

Who made red and yellow cards?

They are a part of rules of football.

How many yellow cards has shunsuke nakamura?

there is a number of player with these yellow cards one player onece receved 17 yellow cards in 15 games the same happend in America a player there reseved 4 red cards due his yellow cards this resulted in him quiting saying the sport is umfair