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One reason is to keep your muscles warm so that when you need them, they are ready to go and will not seize up and fail you.

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Q: Why warm up away from bench in basketball?
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Does a team warm up before they play in a Baskerball game?

Yes, basketball players warm up before they play.

Does warm up music affect how you play in Basketball?

You can't be serious.

Is shooting around a game of basketball?

No it is a way to warm up, but is not a game

What to do before a basketball game?

Warm-up, stretch, think about basic fundamentals.

What does it mean to have a deep team in basketball?

It means you can use a lot of the players on the bench without having to worry about them messing it up.

Why do basketball players wear warm up uniforms?

to keep their muscles/arms warmed up for the game

What is an example of a sentence that uses the word squadrons?

There are eight basketball people on the team and we warm up together

How do you know when a game of basketball is ready to start?

The guys will start to warm up and or the buzzer will go off

Im 5'10 and 210 how much should i bench to get cut?

I would say about 60% or 70% of your one rep max on bench warm up with 50% or you can burn out by starting with 80% then 70%, 60%, 50% then you can do push ups to finish with. of cousre warm up first then do 80%. Reps should be till failure. (have a spotter)

How much should you bench-press if you weigh 112 pounds?

I'm 13 yrs old and I'm 111 and when i bench press i usually bench 80-110. Jorgie145- A good reference to use is if you can bench you own weight about 10 times. You are considered more "elite" when you can bench twice your body weight or more.

What is the proper amount of players on a basketball team?

there should be five players on each team and usually seven on the bench.

What are bench step ups?

When you have a bench in front of you, a bench step up is when you step up onto the bench, take that foot off to replace with another foot, then back down.