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if you are a sportsman,you always have a risk of injury,are you

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Q: Why sport players are at risk of injury during sport?
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Why are participants at risk of injury in sport?

Because you work your bones and muscles during sport and they can get hurt easily!!!

Why do football players put tape on their fingers?

Football is by nature a dangerous sport. There is a lot of contact and risk for injury involved during a game. To prevent breaking fingers players often tape them before the game. Some players will tape their fingers to be used for signal calling during the game as well.

What sport has the highest injury risk?


Why are football players at risk of injury?

its the name of the game the point of is to tackle the other players and hurt them as bad as you can

Why participants are at risk of injury whilst taking part in sport?

They can tear their ACL

Why participants are at risk of injury?

due to equipment, players and the conditions :) im a geek :)

Why is lack of protective clothing and equipment a hazard or risk in sport?

Players can get hurt.

A definition of Extrinsic risk factors with sports injuries?

Extrinsic risk factors is injury or harm you have caused to yourself. Extrinsic risk factor can be caused by inappropriate training, improper equipment, inappropriate clothing, inappropriate protective gear and poor technique. Extrinsic risk factors are independent of the injured person and are related to the type of activity during the incident of injury and the manner in which the sport is practiced. Examples of extrinsic factors include weather conditions, footwear and type of sport. heloiedhqwklas

How does orienteering lower the risk of injury?

Osteoarthritis of the spine increases the risk of whiplash injury.

Importance of cooldown exercises?

They help reduce the risk of injury during physical activity.

The primary reason for doing is a reduction of the risk of injury during physical activity.?

Warm-UP exercises

Why sport players are at risk of injury during rounders?

All sports have high risks of injury, especially weight bearing sports like football, soccer, running, ect. Even sports like cycling have injury risks because you may fall off your bike or crash. The human body is well designed to handle the stresses placed by sports, but sometimes it can be to much which results in fractures, strains, sprains, and other common sport related injuries. Playing sports is a great activity which offers many benefits, but if you are not careful then an injury could put you on the sidelines for most of the season. Lol, it happened to me during my freshman year of cross country where a stress fracture took me out for the rest of the season

Does keeping your head up when lifting help reduce risk of injury?

Does keeping your head up when lifting may be part of the process of making a safe lift, but doing that alone will not reduce the risk of injury. You need to hold you back and legs in appropriate positions to reduce risk of back injury during a lift.

How many players can play risk?

the classical Risk is a game for two to six players. the new Risk is for 3- 5 players.

What are the pros and cons of extreme sports?

Pros are the same as with every sport with added adrenaline rush, the only con is high injury risk.

Why play in safe surface?

so theres no risk to any1 parcipertating in the sport e.g equipment or slippy surface could cause injury's)

What hairstyle should you get if you play sports?

It depends on what sport you are doing. If it is a sport where you are at risk or injury by having long hair then cut your hair. If you need long hair for this particular sport then grow your hair. There is no specific hairstyle needed to play sports.

What is true of both warm up and cooldown routines?

They help reduce the risk of injury during routines

What sports present a high risk for maxillofacial trauma?

Boxers suffer repeated blows to the face and occasional knockouts (traumatic brain injury). Football, basketball, hockey, and soccer players, and many other athletes are at risk for milder forms of brain injury called concussions.

A detailed account of why participants are at risk of injury whilst playing sport?

participants in sport are at a higher risk of injury, due to: contact involved in the sport. wearing inappropriate clothing or shoes can increase risk of injury risk of falling over on hard surface hazards in the area of play such as: worn away wooden floors in a sports hall, can cause splinters uneven surfaces in fields, such as: pot holes long grass can cause injury to joints and bones: fractures sprain the body is working at a higher rate and the climate can affect performance such as hot climates can cause: >dehydration >heat exhaustion if the performer does not warm-up or cool down properly joints and muscles can be damaged like torn sport can increase injury whilst participating !

What is the risk of Safety while driving?

the risk is the probability of injury

During manual handling is injury to you or the patient worth the risk?

This is when you lift/transfer a patient without the use of aids, ie is not worth causing injury to ourselves or to the patient

What are the dangers of extreme mountain biking?

There are many dangers in the sport of extreme mountain biking. The main danger is there is severe risk of serious injury when falling from the bike and your whole body is at risk as you can only protect so much.

Is Cheerleading is a contact sport?

A contact sport is by definition, a sport where people are intended to run into eachother, such as football. But, in cheerleading there is a risk of running into people. Cheerleading also do a alot of physcial contact during stunting.

Why do you warm your muscles?

Warming your muscles helps them achieve maximum efficiency and reduces the risk of injury, straining them during a work out.