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It could be because soccer is a very international sport. It could also be because soccer is easy to play and does not require very much equipment, unlike other sports such as hockey or Basketball.

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Q: Why so many people around the world so crazy about soccer?
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Do Italian people like the world cup in football?

Italians are crazy about soccer!

Do more people play soccer or football the most?

More people around the world play soccer, collectively.

How many people worldwide watch the worldcup soccer final?

over 3.5 billion people watch soccer around the world

What is the most popular ball game in the world?

Either Soccer or Baseball. Soccer is probably the most because there are people from all around the world following it.

What if soccer was banned from the Olympics?

We dont even have to worry about that because to many people around the world play and love soccer

What is the soccer population in the world?

60,356 people are soccer players in the world.

How many people watch soccer worldwide?

Many people watch soccer worldwide, and even more people around the world watch it than in the United States. It is estimated that about 750 to 800 million people watch soccer.

Where will people go when the world ends?

the world is not gonna end spred it around people might do crazy things on the (doomsday) which is not really gonna happen

How many people play soccer around the world?

soccer is the most popular sport in the world. According to fifa, an estimate of people (professionals) would be roughly 265 million. As for non-professional players who play regularly around 800 million

What makes soccer well known around the world?

Tournaments such as the world cup and the European cup make soccer well known around the world

How many crazy people in world?

everyone is crazy in their own way

Soccer World Cup Squads?

a soccer squad is a group of people on a soccer team.

How long has soccer been in the world?

no one knows exactly how long soccer has been around but some people have traced it back thousands years.

Is soccer a subculture?

Yes people from all around the world play soccer, like Italy, Bimbo, the US, The UK, anybody and everybody plays.

How popular is soccer around the world for youth?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, at any age.

How man people play soccer in the world?

All of the soccer players

How much does oxfam raise?

fOOTBALL Soccer FOOTBALL soccer Football soccer all around the world

Is soccer the top sport across the world?

Yes but Baseball is the best..... all those people in Europe and South America are crazy and dont know what thy're talking about.

Why do you hate the world?

because people are on drugs and people are crazy

What is the most world renound sport?

Soccer is known around the world as soccer and football and some other things

What sport is most popular around the world soccer or baseball?

In my opinyoun, SOCCER ROX!

How many soccer team are there in the world?

681 team around the world

How does soccer affect cultures around the world?

Some people take it so seriously that they would worship the ball.

Who invented the around the world soccer trick?


Is soccer is played all around the world?

no football is!!