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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, at any age.

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Q: How popular is soccer around the world for youth?
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What are the most popular youth sports in the US?

Soccer and Skating

Why is soccer more popular than American football around the world?

Soccer is considered more popular because more people play it around the world. American football is not played by youth groups except in Canada and the US, limiting its appeal in countries outside of North America. In addition soccer is less equipment intensive so the cost to play the game is substantially lower than it is for American Football.

What is the most popular youth sport in America?

my geuss is either basketball or soccer.

How many youth soccer clubs in Houston Tx?

There are 13 youth soccer clubs in the city of Houston, Texas. The youth soccer clubs can be found in the youth soccer directory online.

How can you do a topic soccer?

you could talk about the rules and the players( the fameous ones) you also could talk about the world cup and or youth soccer and how soccer has spread throught the world

How many youth players play soccer?

my estimate around 145 million youth players in the whole world, Europe has around 50 million, USA has around 35 million and Africa has around 15 million making Asia and austrilasia having around 45 million

What trophies did Portugal win in soccer?

European and World Championships in Youth Categories.

Youth soccer vs youth wrestling?

youth wrestling

What is youth preimer soccer?

Youth Premier Soccer is supposed to be a higher level of play, than select soccer.

Is soccer played in the Youth Olympic Games?

Yes, Soccer is a youth Olympic discipline.

When was National Soccer Youth League created?

National Soccer Youth League was created in 1984.

In world cup soccer why in the beginning do they have younger kids holding there hands?

To inspire the youth.

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