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In most main sports, yes. Men's sports are much more popular then women's.

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Q: Do male athletes earn more than female athletes?
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Why is it that men's basketball get more publicity?

Because there is a gender bias against female athletes. Not just basketball but sports in general. Male athletes get more endorsements and scholastically colleges have more funding for male athletes as opposed to their female counterparts.

Do female athletes need to take in more fiber than male athletes?

No, female athletes take fewer fiber then males. Femalestake only a few hundred when males take a few thousand.

Who are the Caribbean athletes that won six or more medals at the world championships both male and female?

Marlene Ottey

Female models earn more then male models?

Yes, it is a well known fact that female models command higher hourly and daily pay rates compared to male models.

What is the percentage of male pediatricians?

According to statistics, there are 52 percent male pediatricians in the United States. Male pediatricians earn 30 percent more than their female counterparts.

What is the Italian word for united?

Unito (male) Unita (female) Uniti (male or male and female, more) Unite (female, more than one)

Are there more female octopi in the world than male octopi?

there are more female than male

Why do Intersexed Athletes compete as or with woman instead of with men?

Typically intersexed athletes compete with women for one of two reasons: 1) The male hormones they possess give them some advantages in terms of muscle development over normal female athletes while the lower natural levels of those same hormones compared to normal men put them at a relative disadvantage. Both male and female athletes have tried to cheat by adding more of these natural hormones to their systems to enhance and accelerate muscle growth and to speed up muscle repair after an injury or stressful competition or training. 2) Intersexed athletes may have some outward physical characteristics of males, but they tend to be very underdeveloped. As a consequence, they tend to look more female than male and may be more comfortable being identified as female.

Do male platypuses stay with the female platypus?

No. Male platypuses do not stay with the female. After mating, the male has little more to do with the female.

Are there more female or male nurses?

more female nurses

Is casey a female or male name?

It's more of a male name. females do have it, but it is more common in males.

Are there more male carpenters or female carpenters?

At present there are far more male carpenters than female.

How might female athletes have more knee injuries if they appear knock-kneed?

Female athletes are more likely to suffer ACL injuries than male athletes. One possible explanation is that their wider hip structure affects the angle of the knee joint and puts additional stress on the ACL. However, that's just one explanation--the causes aren't fully understood.

How much does a male RN make an hour?

According to a US Census report, male nurses earn 16 percent more than female nurses. As of 2014, male nurses make $60,700 a year.

Are male or female more illiterate?

male are more illiterate. for sure ;)

How do you tell a female jellyfish from a male?

It's easy. The male look more dull and more bigger than the female. The female are beautiful. But if there small, the male would be smaller.

Is smiling more contagious for male or female?

female smile more

Why do women athletes get paid less than men athletes?

While opinions may vary, the main reason women athletes are paid less than male athletes is because the amount of revenue generated by male athletes. Male sports bring in more ratings on television which in turn bring out bigger sponsors who are willing to spend more money to endorse the team or product.

Do Female cats shed more then male cats?

yes female cats shed more then male cats

Why are Men's Sports so much More Popular than Women's?

It may sound sexist, but for the most part male athletes are stronger, quicker and more athletic when compared directly to women. Relative to their individual sexes female athletes are certainly very talented and display huge amounts of athleticism. Unfortunately for female athletes their bodies let them down when compared directly with men. Due to male body type, male sports tend to be played at a faster tempo and greater physicality is displayed when put side by side with women's sport. This it more interesting for spectators, allowing the male sports to gain greater popularity. As a result more money and promotion surround male sports. Although side by side comparisons are unfair in this circumstance, it inevitable when talking about spectator popularity. However, nobody can help but admire the huge amounts of talent, dedication, skill and athleticism female athletes display.

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Who made pottery more male or female?


Are there more male or female pediatricians?

female...... duhhh

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