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Sports should not be eliminated from anything.

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Q: Why should sports be eliminated?
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Reasons why middle men should be eliminated?

why should middle men be eliminated

How can racism be eliminated in sport?

Im no expert here, but I think racism will never be eliminated from sports(only a miracle can do that)

What sports have been eliminated from the 2012 Olympics?


When is an experimental variable good and when it should it be reduced or eliminated?

when is an experimental variable good and when it should it be reduced or eliminated

Why should middle men be eliminated from the chain of business?

The middle men should not be eliminated

What sport is the demonstration sport for the 2008 Olympics?

None ... demonstration sports were eliminated from the Olympics in 1992.

Is bad bacteria in meat eliminated when cooked?

If the meat is properly cooked, the bad bacteria should be eliminated.

How many sports are being played in 2012?

Softball and Baseball have been eliminated from the Olympic Games for 2012

Should some government departments be eliminated?


Should leap year be eliminated?

No it's needed

How can you eliminate non added value activities?

non value adding activities can not be eliminated. Waste are non-value adding activities that should be eliminated.

What is a belief that all forms of government should be eliminated?


A belief that all forms of government should be eliminated?


Should there should be an age limit for pro sports?

There should not be an age limit to play pro sports.

Why should the electoral college be eliminated?

To pick more people to vote for.

The anarchists in the 19th century believed that?

the government in Russia should be eliminated

Should sports stadiums be subsidized?

no they should not. sports stadiums are made the size they are for a reason

What was the principal constitutional foundation for South Carolina's proposed abandonment of the Union?

slavery should not be eliminated. Lincoln should go home.

Who offers synchronized swimming scholarship?

Synchronized swimming is eliminated from NCAA sport along with three other sports: archery, hand ball, and badminton in 2009

Students should play sports if they are not passing their grades?

No, they should not be playing sports fi they do not have passing grades. Sports is an extra curricular activity that is played when you have extra time. Students should always be doing their homework before playing sports.

Should executive privilege be eliminated?

Executive privilege should not be eliminated. It is legal for the President of the United States to use executive privilege where the President makes the final decision as the President feels would be best. It has been used many, many times.

Reconstruction legislative act should have eliminated the need for the March on Selma?


Should sulfur dioxide be eliminated totally from the earth?

Practically this is impossible.

Should a rookie salary be enforce in pro sports?

yes it should be enforced in pro sports

Why isn't softball an olympic sport?

Softball, as well as baseball, aren't Olympic sports because they were unwanted by international sports officials who thought that these two sports were far too 'American' for the world wide sports competitions. These are the first two sports since polo (in 1963) to be eliminated from the games. Other countries felt that it was unfair that the Americans won 3 times in a row, seeing as it is a primarily 'American' sport.