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it depends on the school but i dont think they should be banned because it gives you something to do whenever your bored:)

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2011-05-11 18:43:17
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Q: Should school sports be banned
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Why mma should not be banned?

would you ban Judo or Kick Boxing, no so why should all of those combat sports combined be banned

Should violent sports be banned?

No ... but I think it depends to a degree on just how violent you mean.

Should iPods be banned from school?

No, iPods shouldn't be banned from school. The school should have the ability to take away iPods that are being used in class, but not during passing periods, lunch, before or after school, since all of those times are times where children are not learning, so they should be able to do whatever (including using their iPods) until it is time to learn again in a class. iPods shouldn't be banned from school. iPods should be banned from school, but not from on the bus. iPods are just like cell phones, you are allowed to have them, but they musts be turned off from the first bell to the last bell, yet you can have them on the bus. So, yes they should be banned from school, but not from the bus.

Should athletes go to school?

Yes athletes should go to school. Education is very important and I am sure if an athlete gets a good education he/she wouldn't regret it. Not only should athletes go to school, here's a strange thought, school should be primary to sports. That is, if they are not able to keep up with the work load of academia, they should not be permitted to participate in sports, that is they should not be permitted to play. Advocating for them to be removed from the team is counter productive. Sports should be the incentive it is to get students into school. School still needs to remain the most important part of the equation.

Why should MMA be banned?

their is no reson for it to be banned....

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