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When you play sport you use muscles. In order for you to be at your best your muscles should be well relaxed so that when you perform/play they can work to the best of their abilities.

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Q: Why should rest help sports performance?
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Does illness affect sports performance?

Yes, illness affects sports performance because when there is presence of illness then the body cannot perform well with physical activity becauses immune defenses might be down and the body is need of rest rather than activity.

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At what point should an injured student see a sports injury professional?

An injured student should see a sports injury professional if rest is not taking care of their injury. You should also see a sports injury professional whenever you have severe pain after working out.

What were the ancient Macedonian sports?

Ancient Macedonian sports were the same as the rest of the Greek sports

Can you play sports with the flu?

Well, if you have a very strong flu, you should not play sports. You should rest your body until you think you could play. If your flu is not so strong, than maybe if your feeling well, than you should play.

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When can a person with a Grade 2 concussion return to contact sports?

Return to contact sports should only occur after one week with no symptoms, both at rest and during activity, and following examination by a physician.

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