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Q: Why should a server be cautious when serving drinks in a bar that is exceptionally warm?
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What is a server in a server environment?

Any computer or application serving up data when requested.

What is the meaning of server in the ping pong?

The "Server" is the player who is serving or has served the ball at the start of the point.

What is a cake server?

A cake server is a flat, wedge-shaped implement of cutlery, ideal for serving cake.

A server should start counting drinks when a guest?

First orders

What is awarded in volleyball when a server scores a point with no volley?

The server receives an "ace" and the point is awarded to the serving team.

What are the religious activities which are observe in school?

serving as an altar server in the parish

What is the word for 'server' as in 'to serve something' when translated from English to Indonesian?

Server as in to serve something is penyaji. If it is serving then it'll be menyajikan.

Can Fedora be used as a server operating system?

Yes. Fedora is often used as, and is fully capable of, serving as a server operating system.

When stating the score before serving whose score is stated first in tennis?

You always call your score first when you are serving.

When can team member move in volleyball during serving?

As soon as the ball is out of possesion of a server.

Is there a legal serving speed for tennis?

No, the ball can be served at any speed the server chooses.

What is it called when a server steps on or over the end line while serving?

foot fault