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foot fault

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Q: What is it called when a server steps on or over the end line while serving?
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What is the violation if the server steps on the end line while serving in volleyball?

they get slapped

What happens if the server steps on the end line while serving ball in volley ball?

The other team automatically gets a point and the ball C:

What is A foul in which the player steps on or over the end line while serving in volleyball?

It is called a "foot fault".

What happens if tht server steps on the end line while serving the ball?

The other team gains a point and they lose their serve- just like any other fault in the game

What is footfault in volleyball?

A foot fault in volleyball occurs when the server steps on or over the service line while serving the ball. They can not enter the court in any way until the ball has been struck or served into the field of play.

How do you get called for a foot fault in tennis?

A foot fault occurs when the server steps into the court before hitting the ball. If the server jumps, hits the serve, and lands in the court, then it is acceptable, but if the foot is in the court, while the ball is being served, then it is a foot fault.

In tennis a player who steps on or in front of the baseline while serving commits a what?

Foot Fault

What is purpose of a waitstaff apron?

to achieve effeciency while serving customers at tables. They may be used for caring pens, guest checks, tips, payments, wine keys and other server implements to prevent extra steps to achieve fast and effecient service to customers.

Can a server take a step while serving in badminton?

well yes as long as he doesn't take 1 step twice

If you step on the line while serving in tennis is it legal?

If you step on the white line in front of you while serving, it is illegal, its called faulting

What is the meaning of a foot fault in volleyball?

A foot-fault is when the player serving steps over the back boundary line while in the process of serving. You must stay within all out of bound's lines when serving.

Where does a server need to stand while serving?

I really have no idea. Go ask your mom.She should know the origin of thegame also

What happens if tennis player steps on service line while serving the ball?

i do not tennis or watch a game

In tennis what happens in doubles if your opponent hit the net person while serving is it their point?

If the person at the net is the receiving team the server would win the point. If the person at the net is on servers team the server takes a second serve.

Which presidents died while serving?

while what?, serving beef?

What is it called when a person takes too many steps while playing basketball?


What are the 3 fundamental rules to be followed while servicing in Badminton?

The three fundamentals related to service are: 1) The server should hit the shuttle below the waist line for a valid serve. If the contact point of the racquet and shuttle is above the waist line of the server the umpire might call the foul. 2) The server should toss the shuttle while serving. The racket cannot hit the shuttle while shuttle is still in the hand of the server. 3) The shuttle should land in the serve box area of the opponent's court for a valid serve.

Are you allowed to take 3 steps in basketball while holding the ball in 1 hand?

no, youll be called for a travel. no matter how you hold the ball, you cannot take three steps.

Is batter called out if he steps on home plate?

If the batter touches home plate, while making contact with the plate, he is out.

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Software that can only be used while on the server. This software is built or connected to the server and is not able to be accessed locally.

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The RAM is only assigned while the server is running. If the server is not running, it is not using any RAM, you didn't 'reserve' the RAM and stop anything else using it, just specified the amount the server will use while active.

Five serving rules for Badminton?

Server diagonally to the opposite court Serve underhand Must hit with the base of the shuttle first (part of the birdie that isn't with holes) Cannot cross the line with your foot while serving Can't take a practice swing- it's all or nothing

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client is a personal computer or individual computer while server is a computer that contains information and data to be shared..client gets information from server

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