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You should play Basketball because its fun and it helps you improve your fitness. It will make you a faster runner.

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Q: Why people should play basket ball?
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What are obames qualities?

he likes to play basket ball

Does Lucille Ball play any sports?

basket ball when she was in high school

Does Selena Gomez play softball?

No she doesn't but she does play Soccer and Basket ball

What is Michael Jordans favourite things to do?

play basket ball...

What sports does Jake clancy play?

Hockey, Basket ball, Soccer and Foot Ball

Does Micheal Jordon play b-ball?

um... i think he plays BASKET ball

What to play if your friends can't play with you?

* me i play basket-ball * i ride my skate-board,ripstick

How do you play basket ball?

you don't and you can't any more because i poped all the balls you can play it by tribling the ball.

What school subjects do you play at outside school?

you can do basket ball, net ball, jymnastic ect

What equipment is needed to play basket ball?

well you have to have a ball not just a regular ball a basketball,cleaks:)<3

What was Obama's hobbies and activities as a child?

He liked to play basket ball.

What is a larger sport soccer or basketball?

Basket Ball Because Many People watch soccer but more play Basketball.

What sports do white people play?

they play hockey,basket-ball ( steve nash ),baseball, skateboarding,soccer,snowboarding ( shaun white ), lacrosse.

Do Germans play basketball?

No Germany does not play basket ball well its not a tradition in THE real world to them

What do people do for fun in China?

they play scrabble and also play Chinese ping pong chess and checkersthey play golf, field hockey, soccer, and baseball and basket ball

What Justin Bieber faverte things to do when he has free time?

Play basket ball

'What does Kobe Bryant like to do'?

Kobe Bryant likes to play basket ball

How do become a Basket ball player?

eat fried chicken and play the game

Where you play basket ball?

On a basketball court. Normally in schools, there is a basketball court.

What sport does Kevin Durant play professionally?

Basket Ball you DA (eyeroll)

In 1891 what did Dr James Naismith first use as equipment to play basketball?

Dr James Naismith used a peach basket for the basket and for the ball was a socccer ball.

Do they play baseball in Costa Rica?

Basket ball is a sport they play in Costa Rica it is not just soccer

What sport Did Michael Jackson play?

He and his brothers used to play basket ball during their free time.

Did Michael Phelps play any sports beside swimming?

well yes he loved to play basket ball and base ball when he was a kid I think

What sports do disabled people play?

There are a lot of sports options for disabled people, both mentally and physically. For example, people who can't walk can play wheel chair basket ball, and even sled hockey