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because they train harder than sprinters. try to run a marathon then you'll understand why they deserve more money than sprinters.

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Q: Why marathon runners make more money than sprinters and how much they make?
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I heard that marathon runners make more money than sprinters. i am curious. Is it true and why?

it all depends on who you are and how popular you are, when i say popular i mean, how many fans you have and what sponsors you have, and how many races you have competed in and won.

Did Sarah Palin's father Chuck legally run the Boston Marathon?

How would a person illegally run a marathon? Assuming he did not get money for doing so, why worry about it? To qualify for the Boston Marathon, you have to qualify in a marathon that is sanctioned by the Boston Marathon Association. Once you have qualified, you may enter the Boston Marathon. It is the only one that requires a qualifying time in order to enter. Many runners train hard to make the qualification time and are frustrated if someone jumps in the course and runs it illegally. There is no money involved, just hard, honest training.

Does running make your thighs fat?

No. Running is an endurance activity and won't build much muscle. The only runners that might be a bit chunky are sprinters, but they do a lot of weight training.

How much money does a marathon organizer earn?

The amount of money that a salary organizer makes will vary depending on level or experience and type of marathon. On average, they make between $60,000 to $100,000 per year.

Are sprints or distance runs better for lean legs?

The original post was completely opposite.Generally distance runners are leaner, and sprinters have large calves and quads. Sprinters need to have strong legs for powerful turnover and explosive starts.Of course, your leg size isn't going to make or break you, its the rest of your body's conditioning that matters. You could improve your leg strength and sprint, or go with distance. First try out the different distances.

Do free runners make money?

Free runners can make money, just like any other person, they just need to have a product or service to sell and a market to sell it to. I would be very happy to pay money for freerunning training. if you need more information on this, just vist for a video on finding niche or small focused markets. For example finding the market for people who want to learn free running and are willing to pay money to learn.

Average yearly salary for a professional runner?

Professional runners make most of their money in endorsements. When a runner wins a gold medal in the Olympics, they only get $25,000.

What do four runners make up?

A Relay

Why must a runner respire anaerobically after a while?

unlike sprinters, marathon runners need long lasting energy that cannot be provided by anaerobic respiration as they run for such long distances that extremely large amounts of lactic acid would build up, causing pain, and there would not be enough ATP created to make up for energy used for running since only 2 net ATP is made every time anaerobic respiration occurs as opposed to the 36 ATP aerobic respiration produces. Also because marathon runners run for long periods of time, they go into oxygen debt that they cannot make up since they must continue to run.