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Manchester City is currently a sign was founded in 1997, Golden Eagle in front of theshield and Manchester United, Manchester City emblem, shield on the ship on behalf ofthe Manchester Grand Canal, while half of the lower part of the three diagonal stripessymbol streamby the city's three rivers. The ribbon on the bottom of the team motto of"Superbia in Praelia" (interpreted as the victory in the Latin war proud). The three starson the team logo did not have any intention of just for decoration. Prepare to get one and bring it home? Be quick! Wonderful designs: short sleeves,Round Collar,Red Black stripe and made from polyester. Wear one and be a member of the Manchester City.Don't hesitate, come and take it! pls feel free to contact us .

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Q: Why is the Maltese cross on Manchester city football clubs badge?
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No because if its American football then it is in America and Manchester is NOT in America! :)

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sir alex Ferguson since1987

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It is Manchester United , followed by Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Where can you purchase a goodeseat?

It can be purchased from a number of football and rugby clubs. The Manchester City version can be ordered from

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By playing football well, for big clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid.

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