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By playing football well, for big clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid.

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Q: How did cristian ronaldo get fame?
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Is cristano ronaldo s cristian?

Chritstino ronaldo is a christian!

What is religion for Cristiano Ronaldo?


Is Thierry Henry richer than Cristian Ronaldo?

of course man

How many goals doe cristian oronaldo have?

Cristiano ronaldo had 432 goals is his career right now and he is 25 years old

Why did ronaldo leave Manchester united?

Because he is only after fame and moneymoney speaks!

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo choose football as his career?

He must have become one, as it gets you fame and money.

Why is cristianoronaldo so tall?

Cristian Ronaldo is '6,1'. He is so tall because of the genes he was born with. Nobody can choose how tall they want to be, genetics determines a persons height.

Who can replace Cristiano Ronaldo?

No one can replace him . Because he is one of the best creation of Allah in football world. But yeah he is a Cristian & he has done wrong but Allah may bless him.

What players have played for both AC milan and internazionale?

Ronaldo, Hernan Crespo, Clarence Seedorf, Dario Simic, Andrea Pirlo, Cristian Brocchi, Edgar Davids, Thomas Helveg to name a few.

Does Cristiano Ronaldo hate Messi?

No. They are shown as rivals because of their skills,goals,fame and achievements but no they don't hate each other.

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