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Because of the original name of the Chicago Bears. The Decatur Staley's.

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Q: Why is the Chicago Bears mascot named Staley?
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What was the name of the cartoon Chicago Bears mascot?

Staley da Bear is the name of the Chicago Bears' mascot. He is named after A. E. Staley, who originally founded the Bears' franchise with George S. Halas in 1919. For more information:

What is the mascot for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears Mascot is a bear named Staley. the name comes from the original team named the Decatur Staleys. Staley da Bear is the mascot for the team called the Chicago Bears. Before Staley da Bear there were other official mascots. The mascot is well known.

What is the mascot for the Chicago cubs?

Clark became the first official mascot of the Chicago Cubs on January 13, 2014. Clark is a fictional character descended from Joa, the original live Bear's mascot in 1916. Clark is named for Clark Street, the street which borders the third base side of Wrigley Field. Clark is a "young, friendly Cub" who greets fans at Wrigley Field and is there when kids run the bases on Family Sundays.

Who is the Chicago Blackhawks mascot?

A bird named Tommy Hawk

Did the bears use to be named the Chicago cardnals?

The Bears were never the Cardinals they were the Decatur Staleys, later named Chicago Bears. The Chicago Cardinals were another Chicago owned team that moved around after the 50's and now reside in Arizona.

Is it true layne staley had a daughter named Rosa?

No. Layne Staley did not have any children.

In which date lovie smith was head coach of Chicago Bears?

Lovie Smith was named head coach of the Chicago Bears on January 15, 2004. The 2008 season will be his 5th as head coach of the Bears.

Was there ever a linebacker for the Chicago bears named Brandon Browner?

No but there is a Patriots corner back named Brandon Browner

Why did Chicago Bears get their name bears?

The Bears were formed in 1920 in Decatur, Illinois as a football club for A.E. Staley's starch manufacturing company. They spent the 1920 season as the Decatur Staley's but moved to Chicago in 1921 to capture a larger fan base and played as the Chicago Staleys. In 1922 Staley sold the team to George Halas and Dutch Sternaman and Halas renamed them the Chicago Bears.

When was Jerry Angelo named Chicago's general manager?

Jerry Angelo has been GM of the Chicago Bears since 2001.

Why is Chicago Bears team named that?

Because there was once a magical bear from Chicago named Ben. He saved the town from alot of seagull attacks. He loved Math, And his calculator.

What does the DARE's mascot mean?

It is a lion named daren