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Because of the original name of the Chicago Bears. The Decatur Staley's.

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Q: Why is the Chicago Bears mascot named Staley?
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What is the mascot for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears Mascot is a bear named Staley. the name comes from the original team named the Decatur Staleys. Staley da Bear is the mascot for the team called the Chicago Bears. Before Staley da Bear there were other official mascots. The mascot is well known.

What was the name of the cartoon Chicago Bears mascot?

Staley da Bear is the name of the Chicago Bears' mascot. He is named after A. E. Staley, who originally founded the Bears' franchise with George S. Halas in 1919. For more information:

What is the first name of the Chicago Bulls mascot?

The Chicago Bulls mascot is named Benny the Bull.

What is the mascot for Chicago's NHL hockey team?

A bird named Tommy Hawk

How did the Chicago Bears get their name?

When Papa Bear George Halas brought the Decatur Staley's to Chicago, he signed a contract to play at Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs, since football players are bigger then baseball players...he named them the Bears. The colors came from his Alma Mater, The University of Illinois.Because George Halas was a Bear of a man.

Why do you call the Chicago Bears the bears?

After George Halas moved the team to Chicago, he named them after baseball's Chicago Cubs. The Bears originally played in Wrigley Field, the Cubs' home park.

Is it true layne staley had a daughter named Rosa?

No. Layne Staley did not have any children.

Why arnt the Chicago Bears called the cardnals anymore?

The Bears were never the Cardinals they were the Decatur Staleys, later named Chicago Bears. The Chicago Cardinals were another Chicago owned team that moved around after the 50's and now reside in Arizona.

When were the Chicago Bears formed?

The Chicago Bears are one of the two charter NFL franchises still in operation today (the other being the Arizona Cardinals). The Bears, in 1920, were the Decateur Staleys, named after their owner. In 1921, the team moved to Wrigley Field & became the Chicago Staleys. In this time frame, George S. Halas was purchasing control of the club from Staley. In 1922, Halas was the league's first player-coach-owner for his new team, the Chicago Bears, the new nickname inspired by their home field (Wrigley Field, which is the legendary home of baseball's Chicago Cubs). The short answer: The franchise began as an original NFL franchise. The team known as the Bears were first assembled in 1922.

Was there ever a linebacker for the Chicago bears named Brandon Browner?

No but there is a Patriots corner back named Brandon Browner

In which date lovie smith was head coach of Chicago Bears?

Lovie Smith was named head coach of the Chicago Bears on January 15, 2004. The 2008 season will be his 5th as head coach of the Bears.

Who invented the NFL?

In September of 1920, professional football teams from four states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and New York) met and created a league called the American Professional Football Association. The first APFA game was played on October 3, 1920 between the Dayton Triangles and the Columbus Panhandles with Dayton winning 14-0. Two years later the APFA would be renamed to the National Football League. The first team in the NFL was the Decatur Staley's (named after the owner, Staley, I don't know his first name) in 1920. This team became the Chicago Staley's in 1921, and the Great Chicago Bears in 1922. Go Bears!!

When was Jerry Angelo named Chicago's general manager?

Jerry Angelo has been GM of the Chicago Bears since 2001.

Who is the head coach for the Chicago Bears?

On January 16, 2013, Marc Trestman was named head coach of the Chicago Bears.Lovie Smith was the head coach of the Bears from 2004-2012.

Why is Chicago Bears team named that?

Because there was once a magical bear from Chicago named Ben. He saved the town from alot of seagull attacks. He loved Math, And his calculator.

Did the bears use to be named the Chicago cardnals?

No. The Chicago Cardinals was an entirely different team that eventually moved to St. Louis and then Arizona.

What was rockys dogs name?

His dog was named "Butkus" after the former Chicago Bears linebacker Dick Butkus.

Did layne staley have nieces or nephews?

yes he had a nephew named Oscar

What is belmont's mascot?

Belmont University's mascot is a bruin named Bruiser.

What is the Tennessee Titans mascot?

The mascot is a Raccoon named T-Rac.

What is the aggies mascot?

the Aggies mascot is a border collie named Revellie

What is the Mascot for Montana state university?

The mascot is a bobcat named Champ.

What is californa's mascot called?

California's mascot is named Oski the bear.

What is dare mascot and his name?

The DARE mascot is a lion named Daren.

What was the first name of the Chicago Bears?

The Decatur Staleys. They played two years in Decatur and moved to Chicago in 1921 as the Staleys. The named was changed to Bears in 1922. It wasn't until 1921 that they were known as the Chicago Bears. George Halas chose the name Bears because they were playing at Cubs park and because football players are bigger than baseball player he chose the name Bears.