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because he to old

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โˆ™ 2009-03-27 04:31:34
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Q: Why is stone cold not coming back?
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When is stone cold Steve Austin coming back?

There is a chance he won't.

Who is coming back to the WWE?

who is coming back to the wwe in 2010 Maybe Stone Cold-Steve Austin I am not shure but in 2011 !

Is stone cold steve austin coming back to WWE?

He is not returning to wrestle!

Stone cold royal rumble 2008?

Threre are rumors about him coming back

When is stone cold Steve Austin coming back to the UK?

As of June 2014, there is no scheduled events for Stone Cold Steve Austin to attend in the UK. Stone Cold is a professional wrestler.

Is stone cold Steve Austin coming back to the WWE?

yes...............he is coming back on Monday night raw on the 3-7-11

Why did stone cold Steve Austin quit wrestling?

he is coming back march 21 2010

Is stone cold coming back?

i don't think stone cold Steve Austin is never returning because he is a hall of famer of 2009.and it time for him to settle down.

When is stone cold coming back?

Stone Cold will be back soon as a guest host of RAW and he's going to stun Vince McMahon and Kane, too. He is also going to help John Cena to retain his title and break over the Nexus!

Is Eli Stone coming back?


Will anybody come back to WWE in 2011?

yes i am whaching raw right know they just said the stone cold is coming back after wreslimania 27 .

Is stone cold coming back to WWE?

Yes, for a visit not for fighting I think he is a bit too old for Wrestling don't you think?

Is stone cold Steve Austin coming back?

in wrestlemania 27 he will be the referee for the Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole match

Is Stone Cold Steve Austin coming back to wrestling in 2008 NovemberDecember?

No, he is being inducted into the 2009 Hall of Fame though.

When will stone cold come back to raw?


Is stonecold coming back to raw?

no. i don't think so because Mr. McMahon and stone cold have had some problems like the time stone cold stunned the whole McMahon family in front of the whole WWE universe

Who is the second coming upon us in WWE?

John Cena is the next Stone Cold

Will stone cold Steve Austin ever come back to WWE?

Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to come back. Stone Cold is one of the most popular superstars. Stone Cold said at his Hall of Fame induction that he is done with wrestling and I think he means it. I hope that he returns as a guest host of Raw someday

Is tna working on getting any new superstars?

yes stone cold is coming in may 2009

Stone cold and lita?

What about Stone Cold and Lita, Did they do it....Did they what!!!!!

What is the stone cold cheat?

stone cold is not in the game

Will stone cold ever come back to wrestling?

yes but he is having surgury then he'll come back.

Is stone Steve coming back?

Yes -to host tough enough with Booker T

Is stone cold Steve Austin sharkboy?

no stone cold retired. Shark boy is stone cold's son

Will stone cold come back to wrestling?

At the Hall of Fame induction, when Stone Cold Steve Austin was up there, he pretty much said he was done... so I don't think he will come back as a wrestler... but you never know.