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Softball is important to the society in many ways. Firstly, when you are in a softball team, normally one goes to tournaments and that way you meet people and socialize. Softball is also a sport where one can express your feelings, when one is can express it when one is batting. Things like that shows the importance of softball. It is a team-sport, and just a lot of fun!

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Q: Why is softball important to society?
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What is the most important posission in softball?

the most important position in softball is deffinatley first base.

Is softball important to society?

i think it is very important because like any other sport it brings people together and especially if you are on a team, then you become like one big family

What is the most important postion in softball?

The most important position in softball is 1st base and pitcher

Why is the drop of a softball bat important?

in softball, it is important to drop the bat because if you sling it you could hit the catcher or maybe even the pitcher. it is safer to just set it down.

Why important the volleyball?

volley ball is as important as any other sport. lets say that u plat softball. softball is important to you cause you play that sport. volley ball is important to people who play volleyball. especially the people who get scholarships out of playing volleyball.

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What are the basic skill of softball?

Softball is like a sport very similar to baseball and cricket. It also involves around the same thing. I think the most important skills of playing softball is to be able to control the movement of the ball well when you whack it and be able to have good mastery over your softball bat. *Softball bats are made of metal. So, they kind of hurt when you hit someone or yourself with it.

Why is throwing important in softball?

Because it is a basic concept and vital part of the game.

Is bat speed or bat weight more important in sixteen inch softball?

its the weight of the bat the heavier the bat the further the ball will go the same in fast pitch softball

What strengths do you need in softball?

Softball is a power sport. It is important to build core strength, leg power and strengthen your upper body. You need strength to bat, throw and run

What are the most important muscles to stretch in softball?

your legs and arms,also your wrists. if you are scared in softball, just breathe. that will help you the most.i got hit in the arm once. just breathe.

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Families are important to society because without families there is no true society. Families are a way to learn how to be apart of society, by teaching the members what society finds acceptable and what it does not.

Why did they name softball softball?

They named it softball because the game of softball was derived from Baseball. The baseball had a hard core whereas the softball has a soft core, so they named it softball. Although the ball is not softball the core of the ball is soft.

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The family was the most important part of society.

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Domestic violence is not important in my society. In fact, it is highly discouraged.

What is most important in early Chinese society?

The most important in early Chinese society was the family.

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Explain why DBMSs are important in our information-based society.

What some good softball exercises for softball catchers?

Softball Catchers stay in a deep squat position for a long time. thus,it's important to strengthen thighs and core and have a flexible lower back. Squats, Single leg deadlift, Goodmornings, pullovers, Jump squats (when you have a good base)

What is softball in Tagalog?

softball in Tagalog: softball (no Tagalog translation)

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What size softball is used for ASA coed slow pitch softball?

In coed asa softball a 12 softball inch for men and an 11 inch for women softball.

Why did they name the softball?

They named it softball because the game of softball was derived from baseball. The baseball had a hard core whereas the softball has a soft core, so they named it softball. Although the ball is not softball the core of the ball is soft.