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Because you play it with your foot that's why it's known as football outside of USA.

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Q: Why is soccer known as football outside of US?
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Are there more Soccer fans than Nascar fans?

Definitely yes, I don't have the figures but outside of the US Nascar is not well known, whereas Soccer/football is extremely well known and watched.

What country is football known for?

The US is known for American football. The UK is most known for football (soccer).

Why is Liverpool not called Liverpool Soccer Club?

Because it is not known as "Soccer" in the UK, in fact the US is one of the only nations that calls football soccer, it is known as football to the rest of the world. It is however known as Liverpool F.C (Liverpool Football Club)

What is Football's major soccer league in America called?

The Football league in the US is known as Major League Soccer or MLS for short.

What is the most popular sport in Ukraine?

Football (not American football. In the US it would be known as soccer)

What is the period of soccer?

a soccer (football outside the US) has two 45minute halves so the match is 90min in total with a half time break in the middle.

When did soccer become world known?

soccer was first played in china they played with leather balls with fur in them so they were very heavy. they played in very large robes. Soccer then started to spread through the us and the uk. in most of the world soccer is known as football

What does soccer mean?

'Soccer' comes from the word 'association'. The 'Football Association' was formed in England to administer the Sport. It was an association of Football clubs. The game they administered became known as 'Association Football' to differentiate it from 'Rugby Football' which was also invented in the 19th Century. 'Soc' is a common diminutive of Society or Association, and so the game became known as 'Soccer'. There is now a myth in England, that only Americans have ever called it 'Soccer', whereas the British call it 'Football' and always have. This myth is not true. As recently as 30 years ago, everyone in Britain called it Soccer. Only our mothers ever called it 'Football', and we ridiculed them for it!!! 'Soccer' was the name adopted by the US when 'Soccer' (as it then was known) was first marketed earnestly in the States. Possibly BECAUSE the Yanks started calling it 'Soccer', the perverse British started calling it 'Football', and now bare-facedly lie that they have NEVER called it 'Soccer'. i think it has somethin to do with scoring or the roman gods

Who invented soccer and basketball?

soccer is the US term for originated in England

What are the Ultras known for?

The Ultras are a group of almost fanatical sports fans. Usually these are European football (known as soccer in the US) fans. They are also known to be in other countries, such as Egypt.

What is a football playground called?

UK- football pitch. US- soccer pitch, soccer field.

Which is the most prestigious Football team from Nantes?

The most prestigious football team from Nantes is called FC, or Football Club. And is known as both a football and soccer club because of the difference is words both in the US and UK.

Are football and soccer the same sport?

Yes and no In England and other other countries they call Soccer Football. In the US and lots other coutries Soccer IS just Soccer and Football is the NFL type of sport

Does football mean soccer in Kenya?

Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

Does football mean soccer in cuba?

Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

When is the US season for soccer?

soccer is football with a little booty

Where did the word soccer come from If the original name for the sport is Football?

The word "football" was used early in the game's history, where the rules for different types of football had not been codified. Different codes - such as rugby football - evolved from earlier variations on the same game. The official name for the type of football that is now known as "soccer" in the US, Australia and Canada is "Association Football", because it is managed by the "Football Association" in England. "soccer" comes from "Association".

What type of sport is the Premier League in?

The premier League is in the top of the English football league system. Its a proffessional league for assosiation football clubs. Or for some of us it is better known as soccer.

What kind of sport is Man UTD affiliated with?

Manchester United or Man UTD is affiliated with the sport of English football (known as soccer in the US).

What do they call football in the US?


In the US who makes more money football players or soccer players?

In America, football players. In England, soccer players.

What is the popular name of football in the US?

In the USA you have American football and soccer.

Why is soccer more popular than American football around the world?

Soccer is considered more popular because more people play it around the world. American football is not played by youth groups except in Canada and the US, limiting its appeal in countries outside of North America. In addition soccer is less equipment intensive so the cost to play the game is substantially lower than it is for American Football.

Which is the second best sport in the world?

It is American football even though it is number one in America, and growing in popularity outside the US, soccer is still the world's best sport.

Where is football origanilly from?

The game known as football in Canada and the US is said to have originated at Rugby, a school in England, when William Webb Ellis picked up a soccer ball and ran the length of the field with it in 1823.