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The roughest sports is the most competitive because players are always in action. Goals are what they live for and they do not like to give them up,so they foul and that is what makes it so competitive.

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2007-10-12 00:04:33
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Q: Why is soccer a competitive sport?
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Is soccer the most competitive sport in the world?

According to many other websites it is the most competitive foot sport and 6th most dangerous sport

What countries play the game soccer as a competitive sport?


Has sport always have to be competitive?

No that's why there r friendlies in soccer

Is tae kwon do the most competitive sport in the world?

No, football (also known as soccer) is the most competitive sport in the world. It has (by far) the most competitors, the most fans and the most sponsors.

What are the two most competitive sports in the world?

Football - Soccer is the most competitive sport in the world, followed by Lacrosse, which was played by the American Indian Tribes, The Huron and the The Iroquois.

Is Netball a competitive sport?

Yes, netball is a very competitive sport

Why is soccer such a popular sport?

Because it's the most entertaining, competitive, universal and easy to play. Unlike "American footbal"

What is considered a sport?

The definiton of a sport is: an activity with rules or customs engaged in competitively. Some examples are basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, football, swimming, and any competitive activity.

Why are boys so into soccer?

Because it is a physical and mental challenge! Boys will be boys and playing any competitive sport will always be a huge part of that.

What is the difference between a competitive and lifetime sport?

a competitive sport is usually a team effort, a lifetime is about what your doing for the sport while you're in it

What are some hobbies or sports that is in Algeria?

Soccer is the most widely played and watched sport in Algeria. Competitive volleyball has also gained popularity in the area.

Why do people choose soccer?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, people choose soccer for lots of different reasons. Some are because it is competitive, skill demanding, requires a high level of fitness, and it's fun to watch and play.

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