Why is skiing extreme?

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Skiings is extreme because it takes many years to learn and it is a high risk sport.

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Q: Why is skiing extreme?
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How many people have died in extreme skiing?

how many people have survived extreme skiing

What constitutes extreme skiing?

Extreme skiing is different from regular skiing in the particular length and steepness of the chosen mountains, with grades of at least one-hundred percent. More than anything, it follows the philosophy of pushing one's abilities in extreme conditions.

What are the rules of aerial skiing?

aerial skiing is an extreme sport that has a lot a rules that need to be stuck to

How would you treat extreme fear of skiing?

Don't ski.

Is skiing counted as a Extreme Sport?

Yes yes yes stupid

History of extreme jet skiing?

Extreme skiing is performed on steep slopes in mountain regions. Sylvain Saudan made the first descents down slopes in the Swiss, French and Italian Alps. Saudan's first attempt at extreme jet skiing occurred in America at Mt. Hood in March 3, 1971.

Is Heli Skiing an extreme sport?

Heli skiing is most defiantly an extreme sport. It involves being dropped from a helicopter onto the mountain and proceeding to ski down the slope in a natural way.

What are some examples of extreme winter sports?

Snowboarding Skiing Aerials Skiing Snow-kiting Freestyle Snowboarding Ski racing

What is an extreme adventurer?

sky divingbunging jump off a bridgewater skiing on a river

Compare and contrast snow skiing and water skiing?

Comparison:Both sports are consider extreme sports.Both sports involves gliding.Contrast:Skiing is in snow while water skiing is in water.Skiing happens during winter, or indoor parks while water skiing happens during summer

What type of snow is best for skiing?

Well it depends on the type of skier. His preferences on extreme sports like skiing would go from deep powder snows to normal.

Where did extreme skiing originate?

Extreme skiing cant be siad to be originated by one person. while some one on one side of the world was doin flips and spins, another is doin spins on the other side of the word. So I can say there is only one true place it was originated. I, Timmothy Conant of Anchorage Alaska invented extreme skiing in my back yard during the winter of 1993 when I was really high.

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