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Rugby is un popular in the US because of the better marketed American Football which is also a contact sport.

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Q: Why is rugby unpopular in the US?
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How prevalent is rugby in the US?

Rugby in the States is not very popular, however recent reports by the International Rugby Board (IRB) have found a steady increase in Rugby over in the US. However sports like basketball & gridiron hinder the spread of rugby.On another note, the US Rugby squad is very talented; showcasing some good rugby at the recent 2003 & 2007 Rugby World Cups.

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Because we are in the us and American football is played here rugby is a sport most Americans are not used to.

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The USA national rugby team is called the Eagles.

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The sport Rugby League is the same as in the USA. The competition however is called; American National Rugby League

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of course rugby is an international sporting code

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The USA Eagles

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