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Because we are in the us and American football is played here Rugby is a sport most Americans are not used to.

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Q: Why is rugby not cool in us?
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What is rugby color?


How many Rugby World Cups has the US won?

The US has never won the Rugby World Cup.

Has US ever won a Rugby World Cup?

No, the US has never won the Rugby World Cup.

Symbol of the US rugby team?

The US rugby team is known as 'The Eagles'. They have a stylised eagle logo on their shirt.

Why is a good body composition important for rugby players?

because it makes you cool

How prevalent is rugby in the US?

Rugby in the States is not very popular, however recent reports by the International Rugby Board (IRB) have found a steady increase in Rugby over in the US. However sports like basketball & gridiron hinder the spread of rugby.On another note, the US Rugby squad is very talented; showcasing some good rugby at the recent 2003 & 2007 Rugby World Cups.

What is the US rugby team called?

The USA national rugby team is called the Eagles.

Why is rugby unpopular in the US?

Rugby is un popular in the US because of the better marketed American Football which is also a contact sport.

What year was Rugby introduced to the US?


How many rugby teams are in the US?


Is the rugby world cup being broadcast in us?

of course rugby is an international sporting code

What is the name of the rugby league in US?

The sport Rugby League is the same as in the USA. The competition however is called; American National Rugby League

Fact about rugby?

it is cool and fun and if you don't like some one you could tackle him hard

What sport did the US make?

American football or rugby

What is the name of the rugby team of US?

The USA Eagles

What sports were not invented in US?

Soccer and Rugby was not invented in US

Will there ever be professional rugby in the US?

There is professional Rugby League in Amercia, it's called AMNRL. Russell Crowe started it.

Did US create Rugby?

No it started in the United Kingdom (England)

What is the popluction of rugby palyers in US?

USA81,678 as of April 2011

What is the significance of hosting the rugby world cup What is your perspective?

It's pretty cool and brings lots of money into the economy

How many players are there in a rugby union side?

10000 cos we are just too cool :D Fifteen (15)

Is there a professional rugby league in the US?

No . But there is alot of rugby union proffesionals in america. ANSWER: The Rugby Super League is a U.S. semipro league that's been around for about 15 years now.

Why does going white cool us down?

White cool us down because it reflects the sunshine

If it is dawn in the eastern US what is it in the western US and why?


What is the Fijian word for rugby?

rugby = rugby