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Netball DOES use a net attached to the goldpost rim. In some Caribbean countries the game is played without it due to vandalism and low funding for sport. The lack of a net does not hinder the game in any way.

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โˆ™ 2010-04-22 19:32:08
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Q: Why is netball called netball when it dose not use a net?
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Sports that use a net and a ball?

netball, basketball, football

When to use one hand throw in netball?

When you use one hand to throw a ball in netball it is called a shoulder pass and they are usually used for longer didtance throws.

Why do you use anaerobic power in netball?

Because netball is amazing

What technics dose Andy Warhol use?

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What is the word 'netball' when translated from English to Indonesian?

Netball in Indonesian is just Netball. For foreign words like netball, Indonesians just use the same word.

What happens if you use incorrect footwork in netball?

if you use incorrect footwork in netball, your opponant will be awarded a free pass! :)

How can you get feebas?

use a netball or a diveball.

What size netball do junior girls use for school and competitions ages 10-12?

They use a size 5 netball

Drills used in netball?

There are lots of drills in netball. A familiar one is called cut the cake, this is when people form a circle and use a ball to throw to each other like they are cutting a cake.

What equipment do you need to play netball?

A netball, two nets, and a netball court - or if you dont have one maybe use paint out a back garden?

Who inspired Irene van dyk to play netball?

The way that Irene Van dyk was inspired to netball was her older sister, Irene use to help her sister when she was at the netball courts, use to stand under the goal and that's how she was inspired to play netball was from her sister and standing under the netball goal

How are the biceps used in a netball pass?

cause you use your biceps whenever you do passing in netball. I play netball. even though I'm 13 -Tillie

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