Why is lacrosse most popular sport in Canada?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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It aint. it is now Hockey

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Q: Why is lacrosse most popular sport in Canada?
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What is Canada's 2nd most favourite sport?

Canada's most popular winter sport is Ice Hockey Canada's most popular summer sport is Lacrosse

What are Canada's sports?

The most popular sport is ice hockey but the official sport of Canada is lacrosse.

What is more popular in Canada hockey or lacrosse?

Definitely hockey. Lacrosse may be Canada's official national sport, but hockey is definitely the most popular. This is in terms of attendance at games, number of participants in the sport, and media coverage.

Is lacrosse the most popular sport in Maryland?

no. jousting is the most popular sport.

Canada top three sports?

While Canadians enjoy baseball (and the Toronto Blue Jays won two World Series, in 1992-1993), Canada is known for a deep love of hockey and devotion to a sport called curling. Also, Canadian football remains popular in some cities.

What country is the sport lacrosse played the most?

Canada. Lacrosse in Canada is like baseball in America.

What is the most popular sport in 1999?


What is Connecticut's most popular sport?

WNBA- Connecticut Sun AHL- Hartford Wolf Pack and Bridgeport SOund Tigers Independent Leauge Professional Baseball - Bridgeport Bluefish Minor League Baseball- New Britain Rock Cats (AA, Twins), Connecticut Tigers (A, Tigers) There also used to be NHL's Hartford Whalers, the Bristol Red Sox (now the New Britain Rock Cats), the New Haven Ravens, and the Connecticut Defenders (formerly the Norwich Navigators, as of the 2010 season they will be the Richmond Flying Squirrels, based in Richmond, Virginia)

What is the most popular sport in Montreal?

Hockey or Lacrosse