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no. jousting is the most popular sport.

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Q: Is lacrosse the most popular sport in Maryland?
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What is the most popular sport in 1999?


What is Connecticut's most popular sport?


What is the most popular sport in Montreal?

Hockey or Lacrosse

What are Maryland's most popular sports?

Jousting is Maryland's state sport.

What is Canada's 2nd most favourite sport?

Canada's most popular winter sport is Ice Hockey Canada's most popular summer sport is Lacrosse

What are Canada's sports?

The most popular sport is ice hockey but the official sport of Canada is lacrosse.

Why is lacrosse most popular sport in Canada?

It aint. it is now Hockey

What is more popular in Canada hockey or lacrosse?

Definitely hockey. Lacrosse may be Canada's official national sport, but hockey is definitely the most popular. This is in terms of attendance at games, number of participants in the sport, and media coverage.

What are Canada's 2 main sports?

Lacrosse is the official national sport and hockey is the most popular one.

Canada top three sports?

Ice hockey is the most popular and successful sport in Canada. Lacrosse and Canadian football are also among the most popular.

National game of Canada?

Officially lacrosse is Canada's national sport although hockey is the nations most popular and loved sport and most Canadians consider hockey Canada's national sport.

Are lacrosse and field hockey major sports?

Field Hockey is reported to be the second largest participation team sport in the world after football (soccer) Lacrosse is a popular sport, most popular in North America where lacrosse is Canada's National Summer Sport, It has grown in popularity in the United States, becoming the fastest growing sport at the high school and NCAA levels.

What are the national sports in Canada?

One of the first Canadian sport was invented by the Native Canadians. It was called Lacrosse. Hockey is also a Canadian sport that I believe was invented after lacrosse. It's the most popular sport in Canada.

Is lacrosse the most famous sport in the world?


What state has the most people playing organized lacrosse?


What country is the sport lacrosse played the most?

Canada. Lacrosse in Canada is like baseball in America.

What was the most common ancient Chinese sport?


Is tennis a popular sport?

Yes, tennis is the 4th most popular sport in the world, 13th most popular sport in America, and the most popular individual sport in the world.

What is the most not popular sport?

The least played sport around the US is probably lacrosse (still played alot though) But its just that rugby is played alot too possibly so I might be wrong. Please question me again if you want to know what Lacrosse is.

What is India's most popular sport?

cricket is most popular sport

What was the most popular sport in 1991?

The sport called "CRICKET" was the most popular sport in 1991.

What sport do you like the most and why?

lacrosse because jeus played it

Is soccer most popular in England?

No, soccer is most popular in Italy. Italy's the one who started to sport itself. soccer is not the most popular sport. Association football is the most popular. the most popular sport in England.

Most popular sport in Brazil?

Football is the most popular sport in Brazil.Soccer.The most popular sport in Brazil is football.

What is most popular sport in vermont?

The most popular sport in Vermont is skiing.

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