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Use to dominate ratings until the 80's.

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its awsome

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Q: Why is baseball known as America's national past time?
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What kind of sports were played in 1910?

Baseball also known as Americas Past time was big then.

Is baseball a great sport?

yes it is Americas past time

How did baseball become Americas past time?

It evolved from a British game of rounders

What is US national past time?


Why is baseball an American symbol?

Baseball was invented by the country of the United States and is commonly played there. I believe the United States produces the most pro baseball players in the world.

Were baseball and football national sports in 1900?

In the United States, technically baseball is the older professional sport. By 1856 baseball was considered to be the national past time. In 1857, the first professional baseball teams were established. Professional football did not make its debut until 1892.

Why baseball created?

The first reference to a form of the game is mentioned in a 1744 British publication titled A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, by John Newberry. Early forms of the game in America have been documented as early as 1830. Abner Double day was long believed as having invented the game as we know it today, but that has largely been debunked. In 1845, Alexander Cartwright led the codification of the so-called Knickerbocker Rules. By the mid-1850's, New York newspapers were referring to the game as the "national pastime" or the "national game."It is thought to have been created in 1861.It was created by the United States. baseball is known as "americas past time" would think. but yeah its a fact.

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