Is baseball a great sport

Updated: 8/17/2019
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yes it is Americas past time

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Q: Is baseball a great sport
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What is the popular sport during the Great Depression time?

In the United States, Baseball was the most popular sport in the years of the great depression (1929-194?).

What sports do you need great amount flexblity?

all sports...except baseball because that sport shouldn't be a sport

What baseball is all about?

Baseball is about America, a historical game, a great sport for people to enjoy, and emotions that can run high,

What sport is not a olympic sport?


For what sport did baseball pitching great Sandy Koufax win a college athletic scholarship?


Why do you play baseball?

It is a great way to get outdoors and play with friends and to get fit and to improve hand eye coordination. It is a great social sport to play.

What is cubas main sport?

Cuba's main sport is baseball.

Why do people need baseball?

Many people make money bacause of it. It's also a great sport to watch.

Which sport featured in the movie the natural?

The sport of baseball was portrayed in 'The Natural'.

What does accounting have to do with Sport Management?

you have to learn the sport if it is baseball you need math you have to learn the sport if it is baseball you need math

Is baseball a game or a sport?

Its easily a sport.

When was the sport baseball developed as a sport?