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agility is very important in gymnastics because with floor routines you need to be able to change direction under controle as a slip up could cost you the competition

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Q: Why is agility important in gymnastics?
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Do you build agility in gymnastics?


Agility in gymnastics?

Yes Yes Yes -- gymnasts need amazing agility and speed to perform there tricks

What sport uses agility?

Usually long jump or gymnastics.

How does agility help you in gymnastics?

Agility helps in gymnastics because if you get good at it you need the speed and power to do things like ... back flips, backsaults, front saults and layout also many more. If you don't have the agility you will probably hurt or injure youself.

What skills does gymnastics need?

flexebility agility strength understanding patience

Is more than gymnastics a good place?

yes,because gymnastics help you to improve/develop your agility,coordination & balance.

Was women the first to try gymnastics?

No, at first it was only male soldiers in ancient Greece who practiced gymnastics to build agility.

Why is agility important in basketball?

Agility is important is any kind of sport

What sport do you need agility for?

cheerleading and gymnastics horse riding almost everything

Is it bad for you if you do ballet and gymnastics?

No because ballet is very good for gymnasts. It improves their balance and agility.

What is the 4 most important things you need in gymnastics?

Strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and be able to find amusement with exercise! I know it's more than 4!

Why is agility important in dance?

Agility is important in dance because a dancer needs to be able to interact with other dancers. This agility will make formations look very smooth.

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