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talagang kailangan !! di ba!! paulet ulet :))

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Q: Why is accurate coordination important in basketball?
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What does coordination have to do with basketball?

Coordination is very important. Hand-eye coordination is probably the most important. You must have good hand-eye coordination to be a good dribbler, so you must have that if you want to be a guard. Hand-eye coordination also effects your ability to steal, block shots, and rebound. Coordination is everything in basketball.

Why is coordination important in netball?

For efficient running into space and accurate passing/shooting.

Why is coordination important in badminton?

coordination is the most important component

What can playing basketball improve?

Hand eye coordination

Why is coordination in badminton?

coordination is the most important component

What components of fitness must you have for basketball?

You must have a high level of muscular endurance, good speed, accurate coordination, good power, good reaction time and a good level of agility.

Who work harder track or basketball?

BASKETBALL. Definitely basketball. Track is just running and stuffZ. Basketball is cutting sprinting coordination and all sorts of jazz.

Why is basketball beneficial?

Improves strength, hand-eye coordination and teamwork.

Why do you need coordination for basketball?

Because you need to CATCH THE BALL!! dummy

Why does a basketball player need coordination?

Without it, it would be turnover city.

How basketball can contribute to an individual's total fitness?

Basketball is a great way to contribute to one's fitness. Basketball requires complex coordination, lots of running and quick power. It makes your stamina better, your physical fitness better and your muscle coordination better.

Why is basketball a team sport?

its a team game and coordination is required to win the game

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