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to be accurate with shots/passes

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Q: Why is accuracy needed in football?
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What skills do you need for football?

you need passing accuracy..shooting accuracy....skill...

How do you improve accuracy in football?

You train and practice.

Why is coordination not needed in football?

Coordination is definitely needed in football.

What distance can a football be thrown with accuracy?

In speaking about American football, the position called quarteback, is the one most often having the responsibility of throwing the football to one of his receiving players. In doing so certainly distance is an important factor but that alone is not sufficient. Accuracy combined with distance can make or break a football play. At the professional football level, a coach can expect the quarterback to be able to throw a football at between 45 to 60 yards with accuracy.

What specific sports use accuracy?

There are many sports that need accuracy to win but the sport I think of the most when it comes to accuracy is football. Quarterbacks have to be exact on most of their throws. The difference between one inch in football is a touchdown or an interception. Saying this it is important for Quarterbacks to keep improving their accuracy if they want to compete on a high level.

What is your 100 meter time converted from 9.90 for 100 yards?

10.0 and 9.9 seconds is not the same thing when accuracy is needed, not rounded off numbers. 10.0 and 9.9 seconds is not the same thing when accuracy is needed, not rounded off numbers. 10.0 and 9.9 seconds is not the same thing when accuracy is needed, not rounded off numbers.

When adding or subtracting decimals how many digits should the answer contain?

as many as needed to satisfy the accuracy needed.

What is a pippette used for?

Titration experiments mainly Where accuracy in measurement is needed

How many footballs are needed in a game of football?

One football is required for a game of football.

What clothing is needed to play soccer?

The clothing needed in a football match, are a vest, a numbered jersey, shorts and a pair of stocking and a pair of football boots.

How many players are needed on a football field?


What equipment are used in paralympic football?

what equipment needed for the football paralympic

Why is clear and dimensional accuracy needed in marking out to specification and drawing requirements?


How many people are needed in a football match?

25 people are needed

What equipment is needed for football?

Football Boots, Shin Pads, A few balls, Football pitch etc.

Why is Coordination needed in football?

because ..

Is balance needed in football?


What is the least amount of officials needed at a football game?

In football (soccer) it is 4

What skills are needed for the sport of long jump?

accuracy and flexability

Why is a high amount of muscular endurance needed in football?

In football they have to run for 90 minutesand face fierce tackles, so muscles and stamina are needed.

Can people throw a football farther with or without a glove?

i don't think gloves helps with distance, but accuracy.

How heavy is a football player?

Heavy as needed

Why is stamina needed in football?

stamina is our confidence,

Is practice needed for playing football?

of course it is

Why is flexabilty needed in football?

so if the football player is knocked down and bends it doesn't hurt

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