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of course it is

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Q: Is practice needed for playing football?
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Do football players struggle with their homework due to football practice?

Some of them do, if they spend too much time playing and not enough time working.

Was lacrosse invented before football?

yes it was invented by the native Americans when they needed something to practice for war

What is needed to play football?

everything like soccer no a football helmet, a practice jersey and a game jersey, football cleets, mouth guard, and sometimes replacements for the cleets

Should you go to football practice or your fantasy football draft?

football practice

What are disadvantages of playing football?

you could easily be injured and takes a lot of work. you really have to practice and excersie!

What does Obie regret as he watches football practice in The Chocolate War?

He regrets not playing football himself and instead being involved with something that he can't tell his parents about.

What are the materials needed in a playing football?

In a official football: Leather made from cowhide, a plastic-type balloon which the air goes, and a lot of stitches.

Where is he playing football at?

He is playing football where there is football.

Where did Troy Polamalu work before playing football?

Troy Polamalu was drafted right out of college into football. So he didn't have the time to work anywhere. It was just practice for the Steelers.

Is 7 on 7 football considered practice?

Yes, 7 on 7 football is considered practice, that is just called "Skelly". It's basically a practice with only the special positions are playing each other on both sides and the linemen are practicing on their own somewhere different. There is only passing allowed, no running the ball.

Why is coordination not needed in football?

Coordination is definitely needed in football.

How do you skip rugby practice but still get to go out and play?

you can try working really hard and be a showout when u do go to practice but if ur coach is anything like my football coach ull have a tough time playing if u skip practice

What is correct the boys are playing football now or the boys is playing football now?

The boys are playing football now.

Why is De La Salle football so good?

Because they Practice, Practice, Practice, and Practice.

What is a good sentence with the word meniscus in it?

Tom tore his meniscus while playing football, so he needed knee surgery.

When did David Dixon start playing American football?

David Dixon American football guard started playing American football in 1992 for the New England Patriots. He also played for the Minnesota Vikings in 1992, however he was only on the practice squads for the Patriots and Vikings in 1992. He was also on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad in 1993. While on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad in 1993 Dixon earned a ring, although never receiving the ring. Dixon didn't actually play for a team other than practice squads until 1994 for the Minnesota Vikings, which he played 11 season for from 1994-2004.

How do you become better at football?

you practice. alot you practice. alot

Will you get better at football with practice?

Yes, practice is the key to sucess

What do you need to practice football?

football gear and 1 dummy

What you do playing football?

nfl football, who is playing tonight,nov. 10,13

What are the Dangers of playing arena football?

the dangers of playing arena football are the same as if you were to play outdoor football

What is the secret of good guitar playing?

Practice, practice, practice!

How do you get better in football?


Is football practice a common noun?

Yes, the compound noun 'football practice' is a common noun, a general word for any instance of training a football team.

Is Cody paul still playing football?

yes he is playing football still