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it gives you a better grip on the ball

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Q: Why is a leather basketball beter than a ruber basketball?
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Is a rubber basketball heavier than a leather basketball?

No, leather tends to be heavier

Will a rubber basketball bounce higher than a leather basketball?

A rubber basketball will bounce higher than a leather basketball of equal internal pressure. The leather covering adds additional weight and is less flexible.

Does a rubber basketball bouce higher than a leather basketball?

Yes, a rubber basketball WILL bounce higher than a leather one, but leather balls generally have better grip and are mush easier to shoot and control on the dribble.

Is a rubber basketball beatter then a leather basketball?

A leather basketball is better than a rubber ball but if your playing outside the ground ruins the leather so a rubber ball is better when you are playing outside

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Is a leather basketball better than a rubber basketball?

Yes, it definitely is! it depends , if u play indoor then leather is the best option but if you play outdoor , rubber is the answer

Does a leather basketball make more noise than a rubber one?


Does leather affect the bounce of a basketball?

The leather is put on the basketball for grip, wear and tear, and consistency. The bounce of the ball comes from the rubber bladder that the leather is surrounding. Air pressure and the quality of the ball effect it's bounce more than the leather.

Does a rubber basketball roll farther than a leather one?

never! they both have the same mass.

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