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Ton reflects the milestone. For any player scoring 100 in any format of the game is a big achievement.

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Q: Why is a century in cricket called a ton?
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Why is 100 runs in cricket called a ton?

ton is a short phrase for saying century,good question!

What is a 100 runs in cricket called?

100 runs The batsman who can do 100 runs with no out in pitch in a match that is the ODI century for a cricketer.

What is a run called in cricket?

A century.

What is meant by sachin's ton?

Sachin Tendulkar's ton means his hundredth century. Last time he made an international century was with South Africa in the 2011 cricket world cup. He also got out on 94 runs from his hundredth century. he will probably make it with Australia on the tour on 26 december 2011

Who made first century in cricket?

Charles bannerman have scored the first century in cricket test matches.

What is in a century?

scoring 100 runs is a century in cricket. its recorded as a landmark. sachin tendulkar has most centuries in cricket(100).

How many zeros in one ton?

A ton is often a slang term for a hundred (eg in cricket) and so a ton has 2 zeros.

Which youngest cricket player score a century in cricket world cup?


Place where the game of cricket was invented?

Cricket was invented in England in 16th century.

When did India started playing cricket?

India started playing cricket in the 16th century. This is my answer to the questionLove,Parin Patel

What is a maiden century in cricket?

1st 100 runs of a player

Which Indian cricket player has scored a century in all formats of cricket?

Suresh raina