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ton is a short phrase for saying century,good question!

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Q: Why is 100 runs in cricket called a ton?
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What is a 100 runs in cricket called?

100 runs The batsman who can do 100 runs with no out in pitch in a match that is the ODI century for a cricketer.

Why is a century in cricket called a ton?

Ton reflects the milestone. For any player scoring 100 in any format of the game is a big achievement.

How many zero are in a ton?

shamaelThere are no 0s in 1 ton.A ton is occasionally used to represent 100 (runs in cricket, for example) and in that context, it has 2 0s.

Why do they call a score of 100 in darts a ton which is 2000 pounds?

A ton is also slang for 100, not just darts but any 100 can be called a ton

What is meant by sachin's ton in vain?

it means that even after making a century(100 runs) india(team) lost

What is the best estimate for the weight of an automobile?


100 kilogram equal to how many ton?

1000 kg = 1 ton so 100 kg = 0.1 ton

How many zeros in one ton?

A ton is often a slang term for a hundred (eg in cricket) and so a ton has 2 zeros.

How many tons in 100 tons?

Where:1 ton is a long ton (2240 lb), 100 tons = 101.605 tonnes1 ton is a short ton (2000 lb), 100 tons = 90.7185 tonnes

How many hectograms are in a ton?

One ton (short ton), rounded to two decimal places, is equal to 907184.74 grams. There are 100 grams in one hectogram. Therefore, one ton is equal to 907184.74/100 = 9071.8474 hectograms.

What measurement is more than a ton?

There is Long Ton which is an English measurement and is 2,240 pounds. The 'short ton' is the ton that most Americans refer to which is 2000 pounds. Also a metric ton (or also called tonne) is 1000 kg, which is equal to about 2204.6 pounds.

How much is iron a ton?

Around 100$ per ton.