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Because he cares about the game

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Q: Why is Kobe Bryant so good?
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How bad Kobe Bryant Sucks?

Kobe Bryant does not suck! Kobe Bryant is VERY GOOD.

Why Kobe Bryant a good leader?

He is a good leader because he is Kobe Bryant.

How did kobe bryant get so good at basketball?

His father played.

How do pigs taste so good?

well Kobe Bryant is the best

How did Kobe Bryant get so good in basketball?

Practice practice and practice

How did Kobe Bryant go to the NBA so young?

Because he was very good

Are Kobe Bryant and Dez Bryant related?

No. Dez Bryant and Kobe Bryant are not related. However Dez is a huge fan of Kobe.

What does Kobe bryant do?

Kobe Bryant is a basketball player he rap people with his body that is way he is so great

Is Kobe Bryant a African-American?

No. Kobe Bryant is a dog. Don't be so racist.

What is Kobe Bryant's real name?

Kobe Bryant's name is Kobe Bryant.

Did Kobe Bryant get a divorce?

no Kobe Bryant did not he a Divorce

Is Kobe Bryant better than Michel Jordan?

Kobe is good but Michel (are you sure that's spelled right?) is the best so no.

Why did Kobe Bryant not do college?

Because the NBA saw Kobe Bryant and thought he was so good and put him straight 2 the NBA.......... :)He was a great basketball player and he did not need to go to college

How did kobe bryant get into the NBA?

he got in because he played so good he beat the coaches.

Why is Kobe Bryant good player?

he has a good shot!

What is the birth name of Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant's birth name is Kobe Bean Bryant.

True or False Kobe Bryant's 81 point game was the highest in NBA history?

False. Kobe Bryant is good but he is not the best

How do you spell Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant

This is Kobe Bryant. Do you think this is REALLY Kobe Bryant or do you think this is a spammer trying to fool you?

Well first of all I don't know who Kobe Bryant is but I'm guessing he's a celebrity so no I don't believe you.

Does Kobe byrant do steroids?

Kobe Bryant does not take steroids he is just good like that

Where did Kobe Bryant lived when he was born?

Kobe Bryant was born in Philadelphia. He lived in Italy so his father could play basketball

How many trophies dose Kobe Bryant have?

Kobe Bryant has won 5 Championships with the Lakers so he has 5 Championship Rings.

How many kids does Kobe Bryant have?

Kobe Bryant has two little girls. Kobe Bryant has 2 girls, Natalia Bryant (1-19-03) and Gianna Bryant (5-1-06) with his wife Vanessa Bryant. Shaquille O'Neal 's daughter was born six minutes after Kobe Bryant's 2nd child

What is Kobe Bryant religion?

Kobe Bryant is a Jew.

What is the name of the song about Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant