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because they are the only London club to win the UEFA Champions League.

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Q: Why is Chelsea football club so popular?
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Is Chelsea Football Club good at football?

Yes, very much so. They have consistently finished in the top ten of the Premiership and usually are title contenders. The are well above average; one of the best.

What is a supporter of Chelsea football club called?

Like the "KOP" at Liverpool and the "Stretford end" at old trafford Historicially the Chelsea Faithful Congretated in the old stand Nicknamed the "Shed" so they are known as the "Shed Enders"

Why are Chelsea so bad?

because they are a club full of homo's

Why is football so popular in Texas?

Football is so popular in Texas because they are very sportsman like people!!

How do you get into a football acadamy?

got to a football soccer school like man united, Liverpool, Chelsea and so on or get scouted playing footy.

Can you watch Chelsea train?

The Chelsea Training Ground is the training ground ofChelsea Football Club. It is located inCobham, Surrey.Yes i think you can visit it but you may want to contact the club just to check that its okay for you to come down and watch your team train i support Liverpool and i live by the training ground there are stands so i think you will be able to watch them.Answergod96

Why is Liverpool football club so rubbish this year?

Cause they are!

When was the first ever Australian football league game?

Well the Melbourne Football Club was founded in 1858 and the Geelong Football Club was founded in 1859, so somewhere in between that.

Why are Liverpool Football Club so crap?

It is all about personal opinion , depends upon which football club you support . As many people respect Liverpool football Club who are neutrals . Most of the hatred is from the Everton and Manchester United side

Why is the game of football so popular?

people love them

Why is Celtic football club so shite?

Cause they're scottish.

Why is Madrid so popular?

because Real Madrid is one of the best football club of all time, with the loss of 2 games in their career, also madrid is the richest club of them all with the most expensvie players C.ronaldo

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