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Cause they're scottish.

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Q: Why is Celtic football club so shite?
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Where did the Celtic football club set up?

in 1992, him and a couple frands did so in the west side of notting ham . they loved the adventure when doing so.

Why is Liverpool football club so rubbish this year?

Cause they are!

When was the first ever Australian football league game?

Well the Melbourne Football Club was founded in 1858 and the Geelong Football Club was founded in 1859, so somewhere in between that.

Why is this site so shite?

Even yahoo is better

Why are Liverpool Football Club so crap?

It is all about personal opinion , depends upon which football club you support . As many people respect Liverpool football Club who are neutrals . Most of the hatred is from the Everton and Manchester United side

Was George best a Celtic fan?

He was protestant so it would be highly unlikely that he would of been; As Celtic is considered a Catholic Club George best was indeed a protestant although u may have seen him wear a Celtic jersey..that was only for a testimonial which is why u may have thought he was a Celtic fan..

Is Liverpool Football Club good at football?

This question will generate different opinions, check out the link attached to learn about the Football Club history, wins and loss, and achievement, so you can decide for yourself if they are good or not:

Why is Chelsea football club so popular?

because they are the only London club to win the UEFA Champions League.

Will oryn fc be a football club?

yes,oryn is the best so ofcourse

Who is got better history Manchester United or Celtic fc?

well manu have more eurooean cups that Celtic but Celtic have more scottish leagues that united do prems sayin that i think that the only teams that win the spl is Celtic or rangers so the prem is harder to win. Also manu have 2 world club cups i think so overall manu

What Does FC mean in soccer?

fancy car --------------------------------------------------- It means football club, football because it originated in the UK and we call it football so hope it helped :)

Which EPL football club has scored the most goals so far in 2013?


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