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Why would they stop them!!!Meant to unite the would in a sporting event!!!

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Q: Why have the olympic games continued to be held to this day?
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What year and in which city was the first modern day olympic games held?


Locartio of the olympian games in Greece?

The location of the Olympic games in Greece originated in Olympia, Greece. The ancient Olympics were held in Athens,Greece at the Parthenon.The modern day Olympics that have been held in Greece were held at the Olympic Stadium in Athens.

What happened on the first day of the first ancient Greek Olympic?

A sacrifice to Zeus, in whose honour the Games were held.

How many times has Athens held the Olympic games?

Olympic games were held in Olympia [350 kms west of Athens] since 776 BC until 395 AD, every 4 years and were dedicated to Zeus. In modern times [1896] the Olympic games were relaunched and the first event was held in Athens Greece. Athens had the honor to host the Olympic Games for a second time in the year 2004 [August 13 - 29]. The first Modern Day Olympics were also held in Athens in 1896.

What dates were the first to the last modern day Olympic?

The first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece between April 6 and April 15, 1896.

What country had the first Olympics?

Answer: Greece.The original Olympic games were held in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC (or possibly earlier). The modern-day Olympic Games were first hosted in Athens, Greece in 1896.

Which day is Olympic day?

In 2008 , the August 8 th is the Olympic day , as the 2008 Beijing Olympic games is opening on that day .

Where is the modern day olympic going to be?

It will be held in standford london.

Where are the modern day Olympics held?

The modern day Olympics are in fact held in continents which are MED's or More Economically Developed. This means that they can afford to hold the Olympic games. They have lots of money and can afford to pay wage's.

What day was the first modern olympic games held?

Opening ceremonies were on 6 April 1896; closing ceremonies were on 15 April 1896.

Who was the inventor of modern day Olympic games?


When was the olympic opening ceremony last held in the day time?


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